Thursday, September 14, 2006

Run #18 - Dawn vs. Dusk

Today was to be an easy run day. Well, this morning I just didn't have the will to get out of bed. Normally I'd just postpone the run for 24 hours. But today I decided to "get crazy" and try my run after work. I knew it would be getting dark by 8 PM (or before....) so I headed out to do 4.5 miles as soon as I could.

At first I was OK with it all. The temperature was only 81 degrees, and that is certainly tolerable. But, that was the only good thing. The cars seemed to be going faster, and there were certainly more of them, thus more exhaust to breathe. Yuck! And the town hooligans were on the loose. I got "cat called" a few times. Double yuck! I was ready to turn and head home, but I hadn't yet run 2.25 miles. I was really trying to do an "easy" pace, also. But this "easy" run was all about beating the setting sun!

I finally decided to head immediately home when darkness began coming quicker. I arrived at the edge of my own neighborhood at 4.0 miles, then I ran in the pitch black safety of my own area for another half mile. I did the 4.5 miles in 55:33:35. That's an average pace of 12:20, which is just slightly faster than what super-training-planner Terry thinks I should shoot for as my full marathon pace in 2007. It certainly didn't kill me...

All is all, I'm glad it's done so now I can stay up a bit later tonight and sleep in tomorrow. But it's my last night run!

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