Friday, October 27, 2006

Clear As A Bell

I am still listening to my body. No run today. I happy to report, though, that I am feeling MUCH better. At this rate I will definitely be able to do my 6 mile longrun tomorrow. My fingers are crossed! I was tempted to run my 3 miles today, but I decided 3 miles lost wouldn't be the end of the world. I want to get out there at 100%. This is week 18 of training (meaning the race is 18 weeks away). I have plenty of time. I picked an 18 week schedule so that there would be some "fluff" built in for cases like this. I hope to not miss any more runs... but the first week of training isn't a huge loss, in my opinion. Thanks for your well-wishes!

1 comment:

Katie aka PIC said...

I'm eagerly anticipating your report on how Saturday's long run went...

I am sure if you decided to make it out, you did fabulously!