Thursday, March 22, 2007

Update and Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me with well-wishes. We are doing fine. We had our house spic and span in about 20 minutes last night. The only noticeable difference is the lack of a TV in the living room.

We had our locks changed this morning, just to be safe. And we are having an alarm system installed on Tuesday. Now we are waiting for the glass repair person to call.

Again, thank you for your kind concern. It means a lot. :)


Charles said...

Geez... Don't read a blog for one day...

Here's to hope for the future. May your house be secure as well as your feelings of safety.

I am so glad you are OK!

ShirleyPerly said...

Indeed, I must check in on your blog more often. I'm sorry I missed hearing the news until today. Glad you things were able to get cleaned up (sans TV) in a relatively short amount of time.