Thursday, June 07, 2007


Ask and you shall receive! I mentioned to Coach Terry that my 5K is coming up fairly soon. This is the same 5K that I want to TRY to set a new PR at... or at least do fairly well. The next thing I knew, good ole Coach had created a training plan for me! He is a wonder!

Here it is: (15 days worth of rest and training)

Fri (8) Interval WU - 1; 6x800 meters @9:30min pace with recovery; CD - 1
Sat (9) Rest
Sun (10) Easy 3 miles
Mon (11) Rest
Tues (12) Tempo 5 miles @ 10:15pace
Wed (13) Rest
Thurs (14) Rest
Fri (15) Interval WU - 1; 4x800 meters @9:25min pace with recovery; CD - 1
Sat (16) Easy 3 miles
Sun (17) Rest
Mon (18) Rest
Tues (19) Tempo 4 miles @ 10:25pace
Wed (20) Easy 3 Miles
Thurs (21) Taper
Fri (22) Mini Taper
Sat (23) GAME TIME (i.e. the Brickfest 5K)

Isn't that marvelous? I am so grateful! He even gave me a new motto: I AM SPEED. Look out, Brickfest! And effective tomorrow, I will log my workouts on my new Buckeye Outdoors online training log. Not only will it be posted on the sidebar of this blog, but it will also appear on the new What's A Few Miles Among Friends? blog that I am honored to be a part of.


MarathonChris said...

You are speed, you are speed, you are speed!!!

So what time are you looking for in order to set a new PR?

Susan said...

My official PR is 31:08. It was my first 5K in December of 2003. It was all adrenaline!

I'd say it is *possible* to beat it... but jeesh! Anything faster than 33:00 would tickle me.

But, I am going to try to OWN that race! I will leave everything I have on the course. I am determiend!

Maddy said...

I can feel your excitement!

You are Speed and you will OWN it!

You got a plan baby!

Work it!

Katie said...

I have faith -- isn't this the very race you got a trophy for last year? And you didn't even have your new motto! Stick with the plan, I am with you!!

CewTwo said...

Umm... Err... Working the swing shift as I do, I honor anyone that can get out of bed @ 4:00 AM! That to me is devotion to yuour plan!

You are SPEED. Don't worry. Apply yourself and those intervals will get a little easier. Keep it up and who knows? I DO! You'll own that event!