Tuesday, November 27, 2007

RFE TR #53

Total Miles Trained For Elijah: 434.9

Wow - that is a lot of miles. Wow - I am running a marathon in 4 days. Wow - today marked my last big run before the big day. Wow - Elijah might get to go home from the hospital soon.

I was a bit too lazy to run at 5 AM... so I decided to force myself to run after work. I don't like to run after work... but a friend reminded me just in the nick of time that I am RUNNING FOR ELIJAH. So I suited up and headed out.

I did the flat (and monotonous) out and back 3 miler for my 6 miles this evening. All was well. Believe me when I say that I thought about how it was the LAST time I'll be making that route for a while. Amen!

Mile 1: 12:00 (perfect)
Mile 2: 11:33 (too fast)
Mile 3: 12:23 (too slow)
Mile 4: 11:59 (too fast, but close to perfect)
Mile 5: 12:06 (perfect)
Mile 6: 12:07 (perfect)
Total: 1:12:11
Average: 12:02 per mile (perfect)

I ran these miles just to run. I mean, they were on my schedule and all... but I was running more for pleasure. I needed to blow off some steam and it did the trick. I haven't "run mad" in ages. Good thing!

As I was headed back I was literally praying while running that Elijah's stomach heals soon so that he will have an appetite for real food (not IV nutrition). I'd like nothing better than to be able to take that little guy a plate of ribs! (his pre-transplant favorite) He may get to go home soon, IV or not. I know he's ready. His 7th birthday is on Saturday -- and I'll be running 26.2 for him!

My St. Jude Hero fundraising has gone better than I ever dreamed. Thank you!

On Friday I'll do 1.5 more miles... then head to Memphis. Whoo hoo!


Petraruns said...

What excitement! You are so ready for this and so well-trained - all the hours and hard runs you've put in are all going to be coming back and paying you out! Can we follow you online? I will be thinking of you (and Elijah) all day. Big hug!

Susan said...

I have not yet been informed of any runner tracking... but if I am, I will post the info!

ShirleyPerly said...

Good job on your run and fundraising, Susan! I'll be headed to Las Vegas while you're running Memphis on Saturday. Look forward to hearing about your race. I know you'll rock Memphis!!

Maddy said...

I bet you're excited! I am so excited for you!

Great job on your fundraising! You are going to do great! I'll be thinking of you as we run together virtually, although I'm only going half the distance!

You're AWESOME!!!

Annette said...

Good job Susan! Memphis here we come!!

Gordon said...

Good luck! We're all behind you. Wearing my Elijah bracelet right now.

kim said...

You'll do awesome in Memphis!!! See you there.

KAtie said...

Excellent work, PIC!

jeanne said...

nice job!!!

and good luck in memphis. you are so ready!

lizzie lee said...

Keep adding miles for Elijah...!

God bless you


Arland said...

Go get em Susan! You are going to do great in the marathon! If I can do it anyone can. Get some good rest the next few days and carb up!

MarathonChris said...

You are so ready! And now that Elijah is home even more reason to run strong!!!

Like Maddy, I will be thinking of you as I run half the distance as well :-)

Don't forget to read the race report from your last marathon for inspiration!!! :-)