Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trying-Hard Tuesday

Chasen is doing tons better. Thank you, friends, for your well wishes.

The run club has disbanded, it seems. For the past two weeks, no one has showed up (not even Chasen). Tonya has decided that we'll start up again when her next round of Fit Camp begins in several weeks. Fine by me, I guess. It does take warm bodies to have a run club.

My lower back developed a certain tightness/soreness either late last week or over the weekend. After my personal training session this morning, as I was driving to work, I practically was having spasms! It went back to normal throughout the day. So I decided to go ahead and go to pilates class tonight, thinking it would loosen it up or stretch it out. I think it worked. It is minimally sore, though. I'll take it easy.

Does anyone out there recycle their old running shoes? I have a pair that need to go... somewhere. Help!

I read an old article on Runner's World today about the power of positive thinking throughout rehab. I am trying!


Bev said...

Glad Chasen is better. It is so hard to get people to commit to setting up a club. Life really gets in the way.

Take care of that back. Try more ab work and also add the bird-dog exercise. Down on your hands and knees and lift alternating leg and arms (left arm, right leg.) Hold this pointing motion for 10 seconds and switch sides. Start with 4 times. You should be able to do this move with Da Boot.

Have a good day!

PLANET3RRY said...

Glad to hear that your boy is doing better!

You can either donate your shoes to a local charity or some NIKE stores have reuse a shoe where the shred up the shoes and make playgrounds for kids.


Chief Wahoo said...

That's too bad about the running club. It sounded like people were off to such a good start, hopefully they have not given up!

Back pain is no good - take it easy.

Cheryl said...

Too bad we are in Arkansas and don't have such a thing as a Nike store :) I too have a pair of old running shoes, still in good shape, but need to do something with them.

What about the Women Can Run Clinic? I'm sure KW (your 50 mile buddy) in Benton could use some help.

Anonymous said...


Sarah Olney (runner/grand prix racer) collects old running shoes for high school track teams. She usually has you bring them to a race she is going to be at. All she asks is that we wash them before giving them to her :)


IrishBlue said...

I'm glad your husband is better Susan. Here's wishing you patience with the rehab.

I hope you make it to Chicago Susan. Whether you run or cheer, having you there would be the bomb!

peter said...

Hang in there Susan! You're doing all you can to make that boot fashionable!

ShirleyPerly said...

Yay, glad Chasen is doing better and hope your back is too!