Monday, April 14, 2008

91 Days Without Running

Since it has been over a week since I last posted, I thought I better 'splain myself. First things first, during the destructive tornadoes my area saw on April 3rd, Tonya the Trainer's house flooded and was all-but-destroyed. So she cancelled our training sessions last week, understandably. I'll get the full scoop when I go in tomorrow.

Gordon from Louisiana ran his first half marathon! Go check it out!

My new favorite thing: a homemade smoothie for breakfast! (on ancient floor plans, no less)

So 91 days without running... gosh I'd like to run. I go to the doctor on Wednesday. I hope he says "No more boot, start running in the brace." Most likely, though, he'll say "Less and less boot, more and more brace, still no running for a while." Fine by me. I'll take what little I can get!

On Sunday I hosted a bridal shower for a dear friend. The prepwork began LONG before then. On Saturday, specifically, I had to go to a local Asian grocery for ingredients, as I was going to make fruit sushi. It was quite an experience! I couldn't read a single thing, so a nice lady helped me find my stuff (and told me what to buy instead, and she ought to know).

Sushi making supplies: bamboo rolling mat, sushi mold/press, special rice, and ingredients for my other dishes.

As my cooking began, Chasen tended to some outdoors things.

Chasen the monkey, who almost gave me a heart attack climbing up into this tree to trim it, even though he was only up about 4 feet.

I was not a sushi master at first, but boy did I learn quickly.

I chopped many, many types of fruit for the sushi. Here I am preparing a roll.

The bamboo rolling mat really, really helped.

After cooking (and standing on my feet) for 6 1/2 straight hours, Chasen and I headed to downtown Little Rock to volunteer for Camp Aldersgate, where Elijah has been a camper. My feet really, really hurt -- which brought to my attention how little I am usually on my feet, apparently. OUCH.

Mine and Chasen's job was to cut this beautiful cake.

Ah, shower day arrived. There was still much cooking to be done. I served three kinds of fruit sushi, Filipino chicken crostini, Jamaican jerk pork and creamy crab cakes. I did buy the cake, at Chasen's insistence. Thank heavens I didn't have that to bake, too!

I am holding my centerpiece while wearing a Starbucks apron -- don't ask.

Fruit sushi and pineapple centerpiece. Pretty, huh!?!

After a successful shower I was pooped! Now it's back to the quiet life of working at home. Ahhh!


Cheryl said...

So....How was the fruit sushi?? I'm on pins and needles.

Bev said...

Glad you finally posted. A week is a long time to wait to hear from you. That is some beautiful fair. I've made sushi a couple of times and it is work. Seems like it should be easy, but the prep is a killer. Sounds like you have kept yourself busy. Keep up the work and good vibes on the Dr.s appointment Wednesday.

Petraruns said...

Good luck on Wednesday honey and listen to the doc ;)..

Your food looks gorgeous and I bet it tasted yummy as well - hope the bride to be enjoyed it as well?

CewTwo said...

It did like fun! I am not a sushi eater, though.

Did you have fun?

Arland said...

Wow Susan, you have been a trooper. Not running for that long is hard, but you just have to make the best of it. Now the weather will be getting to be good biking weather so you can enjoy that even if you can't run. Good luck at the doctor!

Chief Wahoo said...

Good luck at the doctor!

I LOVE sushi, especially yellowfin tuna, but I have never had fruit was it?

The table looks great - healthy and delicious!

Maddy said...

Quite a spread there Susan! You could have a second career as a caterer...

91 days is a long time. I hope things go well at the Dr. Please let us know how it goes.

jeanne said...

i never heard of fruit sushi! sounds divine!

you are a woman of many many talents. beautiful job on the shower. you could be a caterer!

ShirleyPerly said...

YUMMY!!! Fruit sushi is a new one on me, though, and I've been eating sushi as long as I can remember!

Hope your appt with the docs goes well tomorrow!

kim said...

Your fruit sushi looks divine!!! And I too like to make smoothies. I add Whey protein to mine.

CewTwo said...

Waiting for news on the Doctor visit!

Annette said...

You are a woman of many talents my friend!!!

gabsatrucker said...

The centerpiece is absolutely gorgeous!!

Jade Lady said...

So sorry to hear about your trainer's home.

You went all out on your friend's shower! What a nice thing to do. So, now your starting your own catering biz too? ;-)