Thursday, May 29, 2008

Feast or Famine

I am back in Arkansas! Four meetings in two days -- aye aye aye. I am soooooo busy with work (which is a blessing). But I'm afraid I'm letting myself get stressed. It's feast or famine for me, apparently, and right now I am feasting in an obese way in the work department. That is why I popped out of bed this morning to make sure I could get in some walking/running before my 9 AM meeting (about potentially even more work -- and it went well!). I did 2 miles in my current neighborhood (first run here in three weeks). I walked 3/4 and ran 1/4. Although I ran more than 1/4 during the second mile. Yay!

There is nothing better than starting my day with a run. Nothing! It gets me "on track" for the rest of my day. I would have liked to do more this morning, but I was pressed for time. And tomorrow the movers are coming to "pack us up," so I'll only be able to work sporadically, I imagine. Yikes! They're "loading us" on Saturday. Soon, my friends, I'll be a legal resident of Mississippi! It'll sure be nice to get settled. At least that why I'll be working out of ONE location. That will be a step up for these days!


Pokey said...

Hope the "settling" goes well!

I agree....a morning run is the BEST!!! :)

Jade Lady said...

working for yourself, i hear is feast or famine. when i get stressed, running is the only way for me to relax also! Glad to hear u got some running in! how's the weather out there?

happy moving! I just saw another woman today with da boot - thought of you then.

ShirleyPerly said...

Love hearing how happy you are to be back running. Hope it helps relieve some stress. I think when starting out on your own, especially, feast or famine is pretty typical. You don't want to turn down projects because each one may lead to another one and for whatever reason, they all seem to come at once. Hopefully later, though, you can choose which projects you want to work on and even say no to some because they would just not be worth the added stress.

Bev said...

Hang in there! You'll get it all working like clockwork before you know it.

CewTwo said...

Your ecstacy at being able to run again is contagious. Thanks for being so up about it. I think it is greater than sliced bread!

I feel for you "Running" the moving activities at the old homestead!

Always something.