Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Long Distance Trip To The Foot Doc?

No thank you. Not for me.

Today was to be my final visit to see Dr. C regarding the peroneal tendon. I called to cancel last week, as I now live out of state. Not to mention that I have already spent $622.42 out of pocket to the foot clinic thanks to DA BOOT, DA BRACE, MRI, etc. I asked that Dr. C call me. And so he did. But I did most of the talking. Go figure.

I confirmed that my ankle is still always a bit swollen, just like he said it would be (indefinitely). I confirmed that is was basically pain free. I asked if I'd have to wear DA BRACE forever (a girl has to wonder). He said I was eligible to start weaning myself from it.

Funny... I did my first non-brace run this morning. 2 miles. Actually I walked the first mile and ran/walked the second. The aftermath? A bit sore, but I figured as much. I will wean, not go cold turkey, FYI.

Worldwide Half Marathon training starts soon. Coach Terry is preparing my plan right now. I admit, I wonder how I'll ever do 13.1 when I struggle with 2-4 miles. He assured me I can and reminded me that this is why we train. Smart man!


mrjwhit~ said...

Susan, the movie isn't gory. However, the Joker is disturbing to say the very least. If you have any issue with clowns I'd seriously think about watching it. Now, if you don't have a problem with clowns...enjoy!

Bev said...

Yeah, no brace! You keep up the good work and before you know it you will be passing 13.1.

Petraruns said...

Woo girl! WEll done on the gradual wean. I know how hard this must all be for you but you're doing fabulous and your caution will pay off - I promise. Can't wait to help you run your 13.1 miles!

Sunshine said...

Oh good luck. Looks like plenty of reason to be hopeful.