Sunday, August 31, 2008

Human Race 10K and more

Phew - what a week I've had. I experienced insomnia early on in the pregnancy, and it returned this week. One of two things happened: either I'd go to sleep then wake in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep for HOURS or I just couldn't get to sleep until the wee hours. Both amounted to not one single run since my last longrun of 8 miles last weekend. A whole week off! Ick.

Today I was determined to get out there. If nothing else, I have to do the long ones. I virtually did the Human Race 10K (because I do not own a Nike Plus gizmo). Due to the frequent need to visit the facilities (lucky me) I did it all in my neighborhood. And Murphy's Law prevailed; I never had the need. Oh well!

Even with mostly walking, it was pretty great. I did add a quarter mile of running to each mile (although not always in one lump). With the right podcasts, I could walk to Alaska! I listened to Phedippidations and Car Talk. While my miles got progressively slower, I did enjoy myself and the early morning 10K. The miles were: 15:21, 15:21, 15:30, 15:47, 16:20, 16:11 and 3:21 for the last .2 miles. I find that my average heart rate is only about 10 beats per minute (or less) slower than when I run consistently... which is not all that bad, in my book. The max heart rate is lower, but maybe that is a good thing. My resting heart rate, now that I am pregnant, is around 80 beats per minute. That is so high!

The final 1.8 miles was accomplished even slower... but I was feeling it by then. And my dumb ankle was hurting. I swear - is it ever going to be 100%?

Tomorrow begins my 15th week of pregnancy. Five more weeks and we'll know if our baby has a funnel or a spout!


Nicole said...

Great job on the run and Congrats on the baby! Hooray!

Petraruns said...

I am just so excited about this little baby! Born to be a runner....

mrjwhit~ said...

What a great story. Thanks for sharing. I did the HR as well. Since I am collecting race numbers I had to modify the HR 31.08.2008 logo.

Congrats on the baby.

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm so bummed I totally forgot about this 10K!! But good for you getting out there. Hope the ankle pain was just a fluke. You certainly don't need ankle problems when pregnant!