Sunday, August 24, 2008

Slow and Steady

Pregnancy sure does change a gal's tune. If I were not 'with child' I would be fairly angry/disappointed that I am soooooo slow. I mean, coming off an injury in itself requires a whole lot of base building. Then add pregnancy and POOF! I'm slow. It's all good.

But back to the tune changing. I used to HATE the fact that I had to walk some these days to accomplish a mile. And each mile got slower and slower. Today, though, I made a shocking discovery: walking is fun.

I've been having several aches and pains (some pregnancy related, some post-injury related, some just related to the fact that I am NOT in top form). For one, I have been experiencing a bit of knee pain with running. I definitely do NOT want to go there. No thanks! Other than the fact that injury just plain stinks... when you're pregnant all you can take is Tylenol and simply must "tough it out." So I must be careful.

So, I ran mile #1 in 14:01. That is the absolute fastest I can get these days! Due to that fast mile, mile #2 came at 16:30. Quite the slow down! Mile #3 came at 18:23 (deflated walking, plus needed to get home ASAP -- another joy of pregnancy). Mile #4 came at 16:34 (all walking, quickly, really needing to get home). When I made it home I thought "Well heck, I can walk almost as fast as I can run, and my knees don't hurt." So... I walked the next four miles. The first four (which included some running) were accomplished in 1:05:30. My walked second half came in at 1:06:17 pain free. I don't know about you... but this looks like a no-brainer to me. I clocked those last four miles at 16:51, 16:46, 16:45 and 15:54. That's the first negative split I've seen in ages!

I'm not saying I won't do any more running for the next 26 weeks (today officially marks the last day of my first trimester). I just now see the joy of walking. That's all! I really enjoyed myself today. I am not intimidated by 13.1 AT ALL. I feel like I could have done it today! :)


Susan K. said...

Well...seeing as I'm a walker/runner...I'm behind you 100% I have always thought you've done terrifically.

Just keep moving!

You know this already--but I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited for you!! :-)

Nat said...

I'm with the keep moving crew. I sat on my ass all pregnancy and go sooooooooo fat and bloated. Movement is the key.

MarathonChris said...

I say go with the walking if it feels so good!!! Try walking with small running breaks as you feel like it. And if you don't just walk.

Some of those race walkers can go faster than I run sometimes!

And I remember the issue with the bathroom thing...that problem will pass, but return later one :-)

Enjoy being out and moving!

Bev said...

8 miles wow! You should feel great about that. Walking, running, It's all good! Just make sure you are feeding that baby enough after burning 800+ calories.

ShirleyPerly said...

Cool! I'm glad you find walking fun now. The more things to do to keep moving, the better, I think.

ShirleyPerly said...
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CewTwo said...

To keep moving is the key! What ever keeps you two moving is the right thing to do.

We don't want you out again!

Take care.

Kim said...

Good for you for listening to your body!!!

peter said...

Getting the distance done, that's all. Doesn't matter how you do it. You're out there moving, which is more than most people. Keep up the exercise (in moderation), it's good for the two of you. Happy b'day to Chasen.

jeanne said...

all that matters is that you are moving! that is so good for both you and the baby. Major props! cuz you could be curled up on the "couch of doom, eating cheesy poufs!"