Saturday, October 04, 2008

10 Miles for 10 Ounces

(Baby Isaac weighs 10 ounces now, FYI)

I must say that several days off (13 to be exact) is all it takes for me to get used to the "lazy life." I knew that if I am to complete the Worldwide Half Marathon next weekend (or perhaps the weekend after) I'd better somehow do 10 miles today. When Lisa (new blog site!) mentioned that she'd be at the city park at 7 AM today, I knew I better jump at the chance for a companion. Even Chasen urged me. "It'll be fun," he said as I contemplated skipping out both last night and this morning as my alarm went off.

I arrived to find out that not only Lisa would be there, but also Norma (whom I've met before) AND Linda. A regular party! I mostly walked with Linda, who was the zillionth lady to tell me that if I kept up with the running (OK, OK, it's walking these days) I'd have a MUCH easier delivery. I better - or I am going to let them ALL know about it. Ha!

I can't believe that I ever doubted my ability to do 10 miles. Granted, walking takes forever, but it is the mileage that counts (when you're me, and 19 weeks pregnant). I did try to run a bit during the last mile and realized it just wasn't happening. Oh well! I did 10 miles! There was only one incident: I slightly twisted my right ankle during mile 3 or so. Oh well. No biggie. My left, PF foot was 100%, thank heavens (and still is hours afterwards). I even stuck to the doctor's orders and wore my running shoes with nice black pants (ick - major fashion faux pas) when we went out and about later on.

The other highlight of my day was a solo trip to the movies (black pants, nice top, running shoes) to see this cinematic gem:

I am OBSESSED with Chihuahua's, so this was right up my alley. To my surprise, this Disney film was rated PG, even though I saw not one objectionable thing in it. No bad words, not even so much as a kiss! Hmm...


Nat said...

I am so amazed that you are keeping up with this. :)

You'll get it done come time for the half. :)

Petraruns said...

All these ladies are right! Speaking as someone who sank into the couch of doom during pregnancy (only rising to get to the table of potato chips and french fries) not only was delivery long and hard but the state of me afterwards ... hmmmm. I think fitness really aids your recovery.

Well done on the 10M - you're ready for the WWH!

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice work, Susan! Good incentive to keep running/walking, for sure. As for running shoes with nice clothes at a movie, I'll bet hardly anyone one noticed. Lights are out most of the time anyway, right?

IrishBlue said...

I agree with Petra. Sounds like she and I had the same pregnancy strategy. I gained 40-50 pounds. Twas not good when I had to take it off. Thankfully, I was in the AF and they gave me no choice.