Sunday, October 12, 2008

Worldwide Half Marathon

Life is sometimes a "doozy." I intended to run the WWH on Saturday morning for various reasons. Chasen ended up going to Arkansas on Friday night and was planning to stay the night and wasn't super-thrilled with me doing a half marathon with him so far away (new pregnancy code of safety, mind you!) so Lisa was going to be my "on call" person. Perfect!

I had a bit too much chocolate and not enough real food on Friday... and then Chasen decided to cut his trip short and drive home in the wee hours to be here for my third running of the Worldwide Half Marathon (which was an incredibly kind and sweet gesture, considering he gave up lots of time and adult beverages with old friends to do so). Long story short: I woke when the garage door opened at 2:40 AM and, as pregnancy has it, couldn't get back to sleep until almost time for my alarm. Needless to say, I postponed the run until Sunday. And due to my lack of true nutrition, I spent most of Saturday feeling not so fabulous and catching up on sleep.

So Saturday night I was determined to do all the right things. I made homemade chicken piccata, brown rice and steamed carrots (all shown below) for dinner.

I love chicken piccata. It is my specialty of poultry!

I got to bed on time and slept well. Of course I woke several times thinking perhaps I had missed my alarm. Chasen did the same! But I was up right on time and got myself all ready to go. Here is my half marathon food stash.

This is NOT enough for myself and Baby Isaac for 13.1 miles, come to find out. :(

I loaded my ipod and all gear and headed to the city park. All the while I had Maddy, Petra, Melisa and Charlie on my mind, as they were all running the Chicago Marathon simultaneously with me. Also, Kim from Arkansas was running it for a second time! I was supposed to be there, as you all may recall, but I opted to put my time and finances towards visiting Elijah and his family at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia a few days afterwards. As of right now, the Talley Family should be in Philly.

Here is my race bib.

I got to the park, walked until my Garmin found signal, and off I went!

Photo of me taken from the top of my car, pre-race. Chasen was still at home.

I had the best of intentions. I thought I'd walk the first half and then try to run some the second half, so as to have a negative split. Well folks... it was tough out there. I swear I visited the facilities every dang mile. I just wasn't comfortable! I never ran one step. I walked the whole thing. It was pretty miserable. That's the thing: some days are great, some are not.

By some miracle I made it to mile 10. At this point I sincerely thought about throwing in the towel. But I knew I couldn't. I pondered doing the final 5K on Monday. I knew later today wouldn't be an option, since I'd be too worn out. So I called Chasen. He was just about ready to head to the park anyway. He asked if I wanted him to walk the remaining miles with me. OF COURSE!

My feet were doing great -- no ankle or PF issues. Thank heavens. My fingers, though, were swollen like sausages! It literally hurt to make a fist. My legs hurt and Baby Isaac was making all kinds of movements (yes, I feel him now!!!)

Chasen got there and literally walked me around the park for the next 2 miles holding my swollen hand. :) He knew if he let me quit he'd never hear the end of it. We walked the final 1.1 on the track and then joyously went home!

Here are the splits from my very, very tough day. I was wiped!
Mile 1: 16:36 (no potty break)
Mile 2: 18:47
Mile 3: 18:02
Mile 4: 16:34 (no potty break)
Mile 5: 18:04
Mile 6: 17:35 (no potty break)
Mile 7: 18:51
Mile 8: 18:27
Mile 9: 20:40
Mile 10: 21:22
*enter Chasen and all my whining*
Mile 11: 18:33
Mile 12: 18:54
Mile 13: 20:00
Mile 13.1: 1:54
TOTAL: 4:04:23
Average: 18:40

You know what's funny? I believe I won the Mississippi 30-39 women's group! According to the entrants (yesterday) there are 2 in their 20's and 1 in her 40's doing the half. If none of them are pregnant, I just won the Mississippi Preggo division!!! Ha. See - every cloud has a silver lining. Next year I'll run it with Baby Isaac and do tons better!


Road Warrior said...

I think you're amazing for still doing this, potty breaks and all. 18:40 is a pretty good pace, too. Make sure to win your finisher's medal! :) Congratulations, Susan.

MarathonChris said...

Way to go!!! I give you so much credit for sticking with your routine through the pregnancy - and doing it sensibly as well!

Have you guys picked out a jogging stroller yet? I am sure that Baby Issaic will want to keep running with you after he arrives!

lizzie lee said...

Dear.... I am so proud. How wonderful is to have the discipline and the resolution to do something you have wanted to do. No matter the speed, no matter the time, just doing it is what counts. How wonderful husband of yours supporting you in the way he did.

Congrats, and thanks for sharing, it is a wonderful story...

lizzie lee

Lisa said...

I SO admire your determination as well as your overall attitude. I've said it before and today's effort certainly bears repeating it -- you are truly an inspiration!! I love how Chasen did the last 5K with you -- Isaac is one lucky little boy, you guys are both so great. Congratulations on an awesome Half!

Arland said...

Guess what Susan, you WON!! Just getting out there proves your a winner. Congratulations!

IrishBlue said...

Your awesome! Way to go Susan. Thanks for all of your well wishes and support for us Chicago peeps too. BTW I did remember the package and delivered it as requested. (This is good because I don't remember much! ;-)

Maddy said...

You are incredible! Way to stick with it. Awesome, awesome job!

I am proud of you.

One day you will tell your son that that his very first half marathon was before he was born (and now that is one more thing we have in common - a pregnant half marathon)

Fantastic Job Susan!

ShirleyPerly said...

Susan, WOW, you are so hardcore! And a pretty fast walker too, faster than me (I usually avg only 20 min miles and no extra baby onboard!).

Congrats on your and baby Isaac's first WWHM together!!

Cheryl said...

You got out there for 4 hours and DID IT!! Great job!

Petraruns said...

This is amazing Susan - well done for sticking with it! And just think next year Isaac will be there with you! Thank you so much for the t-shirt - I've given it to Sophia - and of course I'm wearing my new Elijah band. Good luck with it all..

nylisa said...

Rock on, Susan!! Amazing effort!!

jeanne said...

congrats on getting 'er done! i couldn't have walked five feet when i was pregnant. what a great healthy way to go. i hope steve gives you a special shout out!

gabsatrucker said...

Awesome job Susan!!!!! And Chasen was so sweet to come out and walk the final bit with you. Isaac is going to be so proud of his Mommy!


p.s. Beautiful pics of Philly btw, I've always wanted to go as a tourist but so far have only got to see the yucky parts from the truck. Ohhhhhhh and Hershey's, yum!!

Anonymous said...