Saturday, November 22, 2008

Busy Week and the True Blue 5K

This past week presented itself as a "traffic jam of life," so to speak. Busy busy busy! We got back from the Smoky Mountains on Sunday (farthest 2 dots on the right below, including Coach Terry's marathon). On Thursday I had to drive to Yazoo City, MS (officially the middle of nowhere, the southernmost dot below) to meet with a potential client. That was 3 hours each way. On Friday I had to drive to DeWitt, Arkansas (which some would also consider to be the middle of nowhere...) to speak at a Career Day to three area high schools convening in one spot about the wonderful world of architecture (about 10 kids signed up for my timeslot). That was a mere 2 hours each way. Driving long distances nowadays makes my feet really swell up -- yuck. Oh well, I am home now (upper purple dot)!

After a quick post-career-day nap, I prepared for the second annual True Blue 5K to benefit the University of Memphis Alumni Association "Young Alumni Association." I guess the "old" alumni can fend for themselves. Ha! I met Lisa there. She is a proud Memphis Tiger!

We quickly sought shelter; it was only 33 degrees. Were we insane to be there? Of course. :)

Considering my busy, tiring week, I just wanted to get through the race. Earlier this week I walked twice (Monday and Wednesday) averaging 17:21 and 17:24, respectively. That is pretty fast for me, since my current standard is 18:00. My goal for the 5K was to maintain a 17:30 walking pace.

There couldn't have been more than a hundred people there, if that. Had I not been nearly 27 weeks pregnant, I may have been able to place in my age group due to the smallness! Lisa and I were just ahead of the absolute back of the pack, i.e. we were almost on the front bumper of the police car (a small group took that spot, not us). We briskly walked through the campus. Being that the race started at 7 PM, people were at nearly every turn with flashlights directing us where to go next.

We blazed a trail through the University of Memphis! My miles were 16:36, 16:56 and 16:41! My total time was 52:02 (I was hoping for 53:00). Yay! As always, we talked the whole way. Afterwards we had our photo taken with "Pouncer," the UM mascot.

My reflective gloves really do their job, as you can see.

Saturday I will meet Lisa at the park as she does 8 miles in prep for the St. Jude Half Marathon. After that I will officially rest! Rev: slight sore throat -- no 8 miler!


Tammy said...

Ahh yep cold, I'm experiencing that beautiful weather here but I think the wind bothers me more at 20 degree weather with 10-30 mph wind gusts yuk we are crazy. Sounded like you did a lot traveling. Great job on the 5K!!! Keep up the wonderful work, but make sure you get your sleep.

Petraruns said...

Great job on getting that race in even after a week like that. Bet it made you feel much better to have spent some time out there in the fresh air..

COTY said...

Great 5k ! Pregnant too, You are awesome !

Jade Lady said...'re really travelling a lot! Congrats on your race! It does look kinda cold in your photo!

lizzie lee said...

You are amazing... Congratulations for your tenacity!!! Your boy is getting the most beautiful message....I know that

lizzie lee

ShirleyPerly said...

Susan, you are AMAZING! I can't imagine driving around so much and then doing a race in 30-deg weather. Way to crush your goal time!!

Kim said...

Fantastic 5K report!! Wow, can't believe you're in the double-digit countdown to baby arrival!!!

CewTwo said...

Great race! Grat lady!

gabsatrucker said...

It's no wonder you had a sore throat with all the traveling you've been doing, WOW! You made me tired just reading all that! Yes, I know I drive for a living but it's different in the big truck for some reason. I love your gloves (where did you get them? I need some reflective clothing since the days are getting shorter and shorter and shorter.)