Wednesday, February 11, 2009

12 More Days

Photo from today -- barefoot and very pregnant.

I am grateful to say that all has been smooth sailing since my rough Monday night. All is calm. In fact, last night I slept like a rock and am having the most productive workday in ages today. 12 days to go!

I took a "bare belly" photo today, but was hesitant to post it. Some folks do not want to see that kind of thing, I'm sure. But I think it is just the beautiful work of nature! (and nothing but belly is revealed) Maybe I'll save it for the baby book. Any thoughts?


Maddy said...

You look fantastic! I vote for posting the picture. I wish I had taken those kinds of pics when I was pregnant!

Lisa said...

I totally agree! I too wish I had taken some of those -- it will be so fun to look back on. Good thing you took the pic now, my sister says "today is the day" =)

jeanne said...

you look wonderful! when i was at your stage i was easily TWICE your size...argh! i could barely stand up!

re: the bare belly photo. post only if YOU are comfortable with it.

so exciting!

ShirleyPerly said...

I think you look great! And I agree with Jeanne on posting the bare belly photo. I think it's not so much an issue of what others might want or not want to see but rather what you're OK with letting the whole world see.

Petraruns said...

Pregnancy is a thing of beauty and there is NOTHING embarassing about it- but it is your call... FYI I looked bigger definitely... You're beautiful!