Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Big Snow, Big Boy

It snowed in Northwest Mississippi over the weekend! Yes, after our glorious stroll last Thursday it turned cold again. But SNOW!?!

Chasen wanted to take Isaac out so he could "see" it. Mommy said N-O!

Here is a shot down our street. So pretty in white!

We stayed in all weekend. It was actually quite nice, even though prior to it I was developing a bit of cabin fever. The good news is that apparently the nice, warm weather is coming back this Thursday - Monday. Looks like Isaac and I will get to hit the pavement!

Here is Mr. Clean. As I bathed him today he provided me with TWO showers. Oh boys!

He is so big already! Half grown at 16 days old!

As for me, I have some good news! I've lost 24 pounds since pregnancy. The bad news is that apparently it was all from my feet. HA!

Here I am trying to look svelte in maternity clothes today.


Drusy said...

What a cutie... the baby, naw, you too ;-)

PLANET3RRY said...

We had about 10 minutes of snow. If you looked down, you'd of never known it was snowing.

even if you had let Issac out in the snow, you'll have to wait a few years before you can have a snowball fight. For me... it seems to be a 2 on 1... go figure!

Marathon Maritza said...

You totally look svelte in the pic! I can 100% see the 24lb difference. Lookin' good, hot momma!

And he is looking cuter and cuter every day!!!!!!

Jennifa......G said...

You are looking great Momma! Baby is so cute! Don't you love having your feet back? Can't wait until mine come back around again! LOL

Irish Blue said...

Your street looks so pretty. Isaac is quite the little big guy and you, momma, look great!

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, SNOW!! Looks so pretty but makes me want to stay inside. You look great, by the way, and not just in your feet!!

Tammy said...

Good to hear that you don't have the water weight in your feet anymore. I can't imagine what that was like, don't worry about the rest of the weight..(by the way you look wonderful) it will come off too, just rest when you can too. I was in the same boat as you on Monday.. a nice big snow storm. Snow, Snow Snow...we almost ended up getting almost a foot. Even though it's nice out today, and the next few days, it's around and it's messy.

peter said...

You're looking svelte, Susan. And Isaac is looking cute! I'll bet Chasen is looking sleep deprived. When changing boys, keep an empty cup nearby.

gabsatrucker said...

Looking good hot mama!

I was wondering how much snow y'all got. Freaked me out when I started seeing snow accumulation Monday afternoon going east on Hwy 64. Memphis to Jackson it was still ankle deep on Tues around lunchtime. Just had to take Elsie to play in it, LOL.


jeanne said...

24 pounds is massive!!! you really really do look svelte. great job,now just don't sweat the rest of it. it will go bye bye soon.