Saturday, March 07, 2009

Straighten Up!

Isaac and I have strolled three days in a row! I must say, I am a little sore in the abdominal region... but this weather is too nice to pass up. It's supposed to rain for the entire next week. My abs are just getting used to working! I feel good about it.

Professor Isaac says "You don't say?"

Thanks to a good friend, I took the sage advice of putting support on either side of his head in the car seat.

The "Princess Leia" washcloths keep his head nice and straight -- and still.

Here we go again! And this time with the Garmin:

Isaac conks out 99% of the time out on our walks.

Some boys created this nifty fort in the back of our neighborhood (we saw them one day).

Today was like a blast from the past. I met Lisa at the park for her longrun. But I wasn't alone!

Isaac and I walked 2 miles. And I gotta get in shape!

Lisa had her final longrun for the Little Rock Marathon today. She finished up before we arrived and then walked 2 with us. Fun! You can read about it here.

Tonight or tomorrow I am finally going to properly hang my medals and race bibs. I finally got a cork board! Photo to follow. But relaxing with the latest Runner's World might take precedence. Go figure!


Petraruns said...

Hey! Don't give yourself a hard time - you had a baby - what? 3 weeks ago? You're out there exercising - at all - that's just great. The body will follow. Keep those piccies coming!

Arland said...

Wow, he is already growing so fast!

Sunshine said...

What a wonderful name for your Baby!
And you are doing so fine. Good job on all counts.

Lisa said...

You're "Yuck" edit is in the right spot for a bib number...getting any ideas?

I happen to think you look awesome and I really enjoyed strolling with the 2 of you yesterday!

nylisa said...

Susan, you look fabulous! You're having a grand ol' time with your new boy and that's what matters!

MarathonChris said...

I are doing great to get out so quickly. Give yourself some time. It took me over a year to get back to pre-baby but I DID get there. You will too only much sooner!

ShirleyPerly said...

I love that comment with the first photo of Isaac. And wonderful that you got out for a stroll with him. Don't be so hard on yourself about any post-preggo issues. Good for you to just get out there so soon!

Marathon Maritza said...

Awww that Professor Isaac photo is too cute!!! I love how he's kinda crossing his legs...squeeeeee!

And I agree with Petra, you have got to stop, look GREAT and you will continue to look great with all the exercising you are doing SO SOON already! :) :)

jeanne said...

he's so big already! and you look GREAT! at 3 weeks post-baby i could barely drag my ass around the house.

you're amazing!

PLANET3RRY said...

I think I see something else that the Dynamic Duo can send to iRoy... some shoulder strap pads.

What are your neighbors? Beavers?