Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Strolling Along

When the sun shines, I take advantage! On Monday I actually got the opportunity to walk ALONE. It was quite odd! But I did my normal 2 mile loop. I tried to "hoof it" a bit. My abs were sore afterwards.

More on the abs: obviously, mine have been through a 'war' (childbirth). There is a set of exercises that I should be doing, per my baby book. But I thought I didn't need to since they looked so easy. Well guess what... to a post-birth body, they aren't. The 'easy' routine made me very sore. And it was hard to do! So now I do them every day. That, on top of the walking, will surely make my core a little bit more normal - I hope.

Prior to that, I thought I'd start the One Hundred Pushups Challenge. My theory was that I could get a jump-start on improving my upper body while letting my lower body move at a snail's pace. By no means did I think I'd do super well on the initial test. Well, I couldn't even really do one, AND my abs hurt like crazy WHILE trying push up #1. That's how the baby book abdominal routine came along...

On Tuesday I thought I'd try out the Baby Bjorn that generous Coach Terry sent to us. O... M... G... How did I ever carry Isaac around in my belly? So heavy! THAT is a workout. For my official workout we again strolled 2 miles. That was much easier than carrying him up front!

And today, for the third beautiful day in a row, we strolled 2 miles. But this time we weren't alone; 2 neighborhood friends joined us. The miles were done in the blink of an eye with the addition of Nelms and Elizabeth. Thanks, girls!

First 'family photo' taken at church on Sunday. Isaac wasn't feeling very photogenic!


Petraruns said...

What a gorgeous pic! And stick with the exercises - slowly and gently does it..

Petraruns said...
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ShirleyPerly said...

Lovely family pic even if Isaac decided not to pay much attention to the photographer.

And, yes, push-ups involve a LOT of core work too!

PLANET3RRY said...

No parent should be without the Baby Bjorn. it's the gift that you don't really know you need, if you've never had kids. And now, you are CHARGED to pass on that nugget of wisdom to some unknowing couple who wants to put crap on their registry that 1) The baby will NEVER see, 2) The Baby doesn't CARE about, because they can't put in their month and 3) No one is going to buy them anyway!

Great Family photo! Oh, another freebie: Take lots of pictures... time FLIES and Kids Grow!