Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Just Above Water

I am working on my first official, semi-long term project for work since Isaac was born. As such, I work in whatever increments Isaac lets me during the day, and I rely on nights and weekends for bigger chunks of time. That is really not fun, but it's the way it goes. I want to work. Period.

However, at more stressful moments I wonder if it (working) is all worth it. Sometimes it comes to a head, and today was one of those days. I feel like we're just keeping our heads above water around here! My dear Lisa came over after work and we walked for FOUR miles talking about everything in both of our lives. After much venting with her, as well as brainstorming, and then a talk with Chasen I made the decision to seek out a part-time sitter in my home for Isaac. It was tough to swallow because I am a go-getter and think I need to do it ALL (as do most moms, I'm told). Well, at this point my project is coming due and I just need more hours in the day -- or a sitter. So I called a woman from church (also a neighbor) for a recommendation. She knows everyone. I can't say that I know too many teenage girls!

Minutes later I had a sitter (from my neighborhood!) lined up for tomorrow afternoon and possibly more this week. Goodness -- I can't even imagine getting to work for multiple hours straight on a weekday! That is, if I can keep my nose out of the next room. LOL

See, running (or walking...) solves all problems. :)


WYOTRI said...

Hang in there Susan! Sometimes when you're just above water, you just have to put your head down and swim.

Petraruns said...

Great call girlfriend. Am sitting at my desk right now contemplating chucking in (most of) my job as it's so incredibly stressful right now and not worth the price my family is paying for it in terms of my stress and rattiness.

You can't do it all. Good enough is what we strive for sweetheart. Get a sitter - it's good for Isaac to get used to others, it frees you up to do your job and everyone will benefit. Truly.

Susan K. said...

I'm really proud of you for working through this problem--asking for help is very hard to do, not to mention that you admitted there was a problem! So you go girl...and I'm sure you'll be a fabulous multi-tasker mom...all of us seem to be!

Keep on keepin' on, girlfriend!

Meg said...

Good decision! It dosn't make you any less of a Super Mom to ask for help, in fact it makes you a better mom!

PLANET3RRY said...


Because if you can work in peace, without worry, your quality time with the family will actually be of quality.

Be the Example!