Monday, July 06, 2009


Hold on to your hats - I ran six miles on Sunday! I knew I had to get it done in the wee hours to avoid the heat and to have it done by the time I had my Team Point Two conference call that afternoon. It rained the night before, so the temp was actually below 80 degrees. I had humidity to contend with, but that's normal. I set out right at 6 AM. I did an out-and-back course to "ensure" success. I took my largest water bottle.

I was allowed to walk one minute per mile, which always helps. I ran what I believe to be the slowest miles in history... but I never cheated and walked more than I was supposed to. When I felt fatigued I just ran even slower. Mission accomplished!

After an encouraging talk with John Ellis on the teleconference, I was pumped for a repeat of last week, schedule-wise. Chasen has to travel for two days for work (curses!!!) so today's anticipated 6-miler needed to be accomplished before he left for work. I was up at 5 AM to make it happen. On a whim, I checked my e-mail. The program had changed! Today was to be 60 minutes at a target heart rate of 160 bpm. Aaack! I could have slept an hour longer! Oh well - such is life. I set my Garmin to beep at me when I got too high or too low of a heart rate. I thought I'd be walking. Um... no. I ended up running (mostly) 4.07 miles. If nothing else I can say that I feel a little more "hard core" than I did a few days ago.

Tomorrow I have another target heart rate to accomplish (a much higher one - yikes!) but will have to use my treadmill due to Chasen being gone. I am not sure how I'll accomplish that, since I'll be running in place, Garmin-wise. I'll figure something out.

Today, the last day before my work project comes back to life, Isaac and I had our mommy and baby friends over. But first we had to do some last-minute shopping.

Personal Shopper Isaac, here, at your service!

Isaac and his new friend Emma. At one time they were holding hands!

After the moms and babies left, I realized that I am now a single parent (for about 48 hours) and I DO NOT like it. Not one bit. So we took a quick "I hate Chasen being gone" stroll around our 'hood.

Isaac sports his new hat that his friend Konrad gave him. So cute!

Stay tuned for more running reports and lonesome whines!


Mom on the Run said...

Congratulations on the six!!

It is so much fun to see how Isaac is growing! He is adorable.

Petraruns said...

I am SO impressed with the 6 and the 4 at 5am.. Well done girl you're doing great. And yes you're right - doing it alone is NOT easy..

ShirleyPerly said...

I think the Garmin works fine to capture HR even on the treadmill, no?

Either way, way to knock out the 6-miler. I do not like Dave being on travel much either but it's a way of life, it seems *sigh*.