Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On Track

I called in a favor with a neighbor/friend of mine for a little babysitting and was actually able to slip away to my local track during the light of day! I must say it was awesome.

"I didn't miss Mommy one bit. I was being loved on!"

First I did a one mile warmup at 2:1. Next I did 5 x 20 second striders. Fast times! Next came the crux of the workout: 8x 600 meters (0.375) in 4:30 (12:00/mile pace) with 600 meters recovery running in 5:15 (14:00/mile pace). As John said, "It's a continuous run with alternating paces. This run will help flush out your legs, as well as help you to pick up the pace in the race following a bad stretch." He was right! Even yesterday I had a minimal bit of soreness in my legs left over from Sunday's 20-miler (go figure). Not anymore!

I do love a good track workout. And it was nice to be able to run such a distance uninterrupted. Life is good!


Road Warrior said...

Nice job, Susan. You have been training so well. Can't wait for your marathon!

lizzie lee said...

Intervals are hard, but they pay off. And your baby, said: Bye mommy, have fun.... !!!!!!!!

Drusy said...

Wow, track running - you really are serious about this training stuff. I never ran as a student, so tracks are very foreign to me, and I'd be too intimidated my the faster runners.