Monday, December 14, 2009

More Ricket City

I have more to say about Rocket City! It was such a small, well organized event that I can't stop giving it compliments.

Here is a quick video that Chasen took on one of the early visits on the course.

After the race I took a moderate ice bath. You see, the hotel was completely filled, and since I was literally one of the last to finish the race, there was very little ice to be found. And our tub's stopper did not work. And there really wasn't any cold water, strangely enough. So, we did the best we could.

That evening we went for pizza and gelato!

This is not spaghetti. It's gelato!

We gave Isaac the tiniest bite possible. He didn't like the coldness.

Here is the front of my colorful medal.

And here is the back.

I have already hung it on my medal rack. I hate to say it, but Little Rock dwarfs everything.

This race was such a value! I registered early for $50. And I received a tech shirt and a tech cap!

You get a lot of bang for the buck at Rocket City.

I am doing well today. Nearly all of the soreness is gone already, I swear. If I would have gotten a proper ice bath, I might be good as gold today!


Anonymous said...

What great SWAG! Tech shirt and cap?! The medal is pretty nice too. The gelato looks amazing! I didn't know they could make it look like pasta!

Petraruns said...

Susan you are so incredible! I am SO proud of you and you have done so amazingly well.

The swag is really good value as well! I've run races which cost far more and got really rubbish swag. XL cotton t-shirt London marathon? Boston entry cost an absolute bomb - 180 dollars? - so I'd better get some great swag for that...

Sunshine said...

Yes, I notice that my Little Rock medal gets my attention. But it's fun to have it.

lizzie lee said...

I have never been able to take an ice bath. I chicken out!!!! Fifty bucks, that's impressive! Take care. What is the marathon you are planning on ?

ShirleyPerly said...

Belated CONGRATS on Rocket City!!!

I loved that little race and the finisher's photo they gave everyone (such a great idea). I totally agree that it was a lot of bang for the buck. And, yes, Little Rock's medal does dwarf pretty much all other of my medals too!