Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sick and Tired

Oh what a week! I was scheduled to do a run on Monday after last week's "17 mile death march," but as mine and Isaac's toddler playgroup was concluding on Monday morning I started to feel weak and tired, and my stomach was weird. Uh oh! Long story short, seven hours later I began communicating with my long lost friend Ralph after nearly six years! Yuck. So no running that day.

On Tuesday I was recovering and certainly not 100%. No running.

I got back on the horse on Wednesday. Score!

Thursday, by the schedule, was a rest day.

I should have either ran or walked on Friday, but guess what: I felt poorly again. Aaaack! Fortunately, nothing came of it, but I did take it easy that day. (No, I am not "with child.")

On Saturday I woke up with a sore throat AND I was gone from 8 AM to 9 PM. No speedwork.

Today (Sunday) wasn't much better, especially considering that Isaac woke in the wee hours screaming with teething pain. Poor guy. It took a while to soothe him and let the meds kick in! None the less, it is Father's Day, so Isaac made these for Chasen (and by 'Isaac,' I mean ME!!!!):

May the force be with you! The cookie cutters are from Williams Sonoma.

I am hoping that tomorrow will bring better health and a chance to run.


Quick How said...

Thank you for your wonderful efforts

Jacky said...

Hope this week's better for you... we're human and sometimes...
You're doing great anyway!
Hope Isaac's teeth come through quick and he's in no pain anymore!
Go Susan Go!

Anonymous said...

What great cookies! I'll have to look for those cutters- they'd be a hit here!

So sorry you didn't feel well last week. Ick! Hoping you feel better soon!