Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easing Into It

This past week was spring break where we live, which meant no Mother's Day Out for Isaac. Back during the holiday season, I was worried about not having MDO with regards to both marathon training and simply just "getting a break" for 5 hours at a time. This past week proved to be different. We were just fine! We scheduled trips to the playground with friends and even visited a local family farm / petting zoo. Here are some pics:

Farmboy Chasen gave us a lesson on ALL of the equipment there.

Isaac got to play in corn. That's a first!

He got to "milk" a wooden cow. Also a first!

With Chasen's cautious help, Isaac got to sit on a pony.

Isaac just LOVES sitting on tractors! Which works well for me, because I love taking pictures...

HAY Mommy and Daddy! Are we having fun or what?

Spring break was my week to ease back into running, given that I would like to attempt marathon #6 a mere six weeks from now. Am I nuts? Maybe. Time will tell.

Isaac and I did three runs this week. The first was excellent! It was cold (a bit too cold, really) and completed rapidly in our old neighborhood. The next two were s-l-o-w in our new, hilly neighborhood. Ick.

I am excited for spring break to be over so that I can run alone, i.e. wherever I want. Being that this past week was some short-term base training, it all worked out for me to have no choice but to have Isaac with me during each run. He, in combination with the hills, probably kept me from trying to do too much too soon.

The week ended with a 10 mile longrun this morning. I thought "No problem - it's just ten miles." WRONG! It was tough. It was laborious. But I got it done. It really made me think hard about deciding to "go it again" so soon. At this point I am taking this philosophy: one day at a time, one run at a time. We'll see what happens.

Be safe out there!


lizzie lee said...

Susan, you are amazing... I don't think I could push a stroller let alone uphill..

Beautiful farm pix. Isaac keeps growing... He is a very handsome boy out there....

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun week! Isaac is having so much fun. I understand about easing back into the swing of things. My next marathon is in about 5 weeks. (What was I thinking?!)
By the way- I'm not on facebook anymore..just couldn't keep up with it!

A Nest in the Making said...


I can't believe how big Isaac is getting! ugh! And I agree with Lizzie Lee about the stroller... I always make my husband push our little one. I just can't do it!

I wanted to apologize about the Cowtown and never getting back to you. See, I'm a little bit of a blog newbie. I thought it would automatically send an e-mail if I got a message. So I subscribed to the post I messaged you on, and waited to hear from you. When I didn't hear back I just assumed it was a no-go.

Then today (yes today... March 23rd... almost 2 months after Cowtown) I realized that you did reply... and that blogger does not instantly e-mail you if you get a message! Ugh! So I'm really sorry that I missed you when you were in town. And I'm even sorrier I never got back to you when you wrote to me about it. Please don't think I blew you off or anything... I was just happily oblivious!

So I updated my settings and now I do get e-mails when I get a comment. So I am in the dark no more!