Sunday, March 13, 2011

Recovery/Daffodil Dash

Seriously, who has time for the marathon blues? Not running does not mean that my life ever gets any more free time. There is always something to do!

My level headed boy always keeps me in check. Tee hee hee!

The first week post-Cowtown I did one run of two miles. I did it at the park right before a big playdate with Isaac's friends. Then I took the weekend off (trust me - a true luxury as opposed to banging out a long run week after week) and did a walk with Isaac on Monday. On Friday while doing Chasen a favor (getting his oil changed as he took a mancation to Las Vegas) we walked another 2 miles near the oil change place.

Knowing Chasen would be gone over the weekend (a really tough time to be a 'single mom') I signed up for a local race. I don't usually like to do 5k's, etc. but we needed a distraction from cabin fever. And Isaac and I had not done a race together since he was 3 1/2 months old. So we headed into Memphis for the Daffodil Dash 3 Miler at the Memphis Botanic Garden. We arrived a bit too early, so we toured the garden via stroller for a while until I let Isaac go and play in the amazing kiddie area.

Here is my boy looking a bit bored pre-race.

We lined up at the back of the pack with the other strollers.

Look at the cute older couple! I want to be like them one day!

Isaac is a very, very good stroller rider. So we just cruised along for the 3-mile race like nobody's business. The course had some gentle inclines, but nothing to write home about. We even overtook several people (who probably did NOT like getting passed by a stroller, I'd bet).

We came in at 36 minutes and change. That is definitely a stroller PR for me!

Here we are just past the anti-climactic finish line. Isaac just wouldn't smile!

The race had a nice food area PLUS a live band. We would have enjoyed both longer but someone needed a diaper change ASAP. Guess who?

Now I am thinking about the spring. I know I have squawked for ages about wanting to do a sprint triathlon, but at this point in time I am just not "feeling it," as they say. So I have decided to piggyback Cowtown with another marathon seven weeks from now (nine weeks post-Cowtown). More details to come! I just figure I ought to focus on biking and swimming (maybe, maybe not...) when it's disgustingly hot this summer and spend this beautiful springtime enjoying the roads. Sounds smart, right?

Isaac's springtime photo from Mother's Day Out. He is getting so big!

Chasen will be traveling to China again in the coming weeks, so I have to get all of my ducks in a row for the next few months. Lord help me!

I. Can. Do. This.


Petraruns said...

You. Can. Do. This.

And you will actually enjoy it! XX

Anonymous said...

That older couple is adorable. Wish I can convince my hubby to take up running. Sounds like a fun 5K! I think this is a great idea to bang out another marathon! I am spending the summer swimming, I think. :)

You will do it!

Heather said...

YOU SO CAN DO IT!!!! =) And wow...that picture...he is a little man!?!? When did he get so big all of a sudden?!?! Wow! Super cute still but he is such a big boy now!