Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Isaac's Third Birthday

Today is my baby boy's third birthday. I'd say "Oh where has time gone?" but honestly it feels like about three years of experiences and memories. Three good years.

I set the scene last night so that he could wake up to birthday goodies. I also set my alarm for 6 AM so I could go and get him a special birthday breakfast treat.

Yes, we're all about the undies around here. Whoo hoo potty training!

He dove right into that iced donut with sprinkles. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Isaac has been home for a few days due to pink eye or some sort of eye infection, which he has now passed on to me. Generous guy, huh?!?! So we got to spend the whole day together, and it began with a trip to the eye doctor. Sure enough, I have a bacterial infection. I look like an alien. But my birthday boy doesn't care -- he was too enthralled with the idea of getting to help make his birthday cake.

He chose yellow cake over chocolate... I demand a maternity test!

After the baking there was some soccer time in the back yard with his new ball.

Oh yes he does... nearly every day.

After a morning of fun, then a nap, we got to ice his cake. He wanted blue icing, so we dyed it just so.

His eyes still look a bit swollen, but he is clear otherwise and can return to preschool.

As soon as we got done with his little cake, Chasen got home. It was time for the BIG REVEAL. You see, we opted to not have a big birthday party this year so we could spend our funds getting Isaac something he would absolutely adore... and it wasn't cheap.

My big boy got his very own battery powered tractor! This guy LOVES construction sites.

One day he will learn to steer. He's darn cute running into things, though.

After dinner it was time for cake! He wouldn't eat a single bite. :(

He really enjoyed us singing Happy Birthday and then blowing out his candles.

Here are some tractor videos. He really, really loves it. We chose wisely!

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Susan K. said...

I can't believe your sweet little baby is such a big boy---3!!!! They do grow up fast, don't they?

He's too busy playing, mom, to jump & go to the bathroom. I suppose he will learn soon though!

Isaac's such a lucky guy--look at all those wonderful things! Looks like a fun time for all. I bet he never even *missed* a big birthday party...looks like he had a great third birthday!