Thursday, March 08, 2012

Isaac's First Dental Visit

Isaac had his first dental check-up today! I figured he'd do just fine, and I was not wrong. I am "all about the teeth," so he pretty much is, too. I talked up the visit, and he even got to go with me for my most recent dental visit. I knew he'd be interested in all of the equipment and gadgets.

Here he listens to the hygienist with Stinky Dog by his side.

I'm so proud of this big boy! He was up for the task.

First she counted his teeth and let him pick out his flavor of toothpaste.

Then she cleaned his teeth! He did not complain one bit.

He was in charge of "Mr. Thirsty" and loved using him.

All done! He was pleased with his bag of loot.

Finally the dentist came in and checked for cavities. All clear!

I am so pleased with his calm, easy-going experience. The hygienist and dentist both said that a lot of kids won't let them do "the whole job," so Isaac was a pleasant change. Have I mentioned how proud I am?


Brendon Spaziani said...

Way to go, Isaac! My son was terrified during his first dental visit. But at the end of the day, the dentist's treats made him happy. I wish adults can get treats from the dentists too.

Williams Schermer said...

Little Isaac is so brave! It looks like he is doing great on his dental visit, and he listen attentively to his hygienist. It is good that you were able to educate him on the importance of good dental hygiene at an early age. Teaching children good dental habits will lower the risk of them acquiring dental problems in the future.

Benita Abril said...

Yeah, that’s what you get for trusting Isaac – no disappointment. :) Lots of cheering for him here! It is just amazing to see little kids being fearless while at the dentist. Maybe the times have really changed. LOL! I remember how I easily cried at the sight of the needle for the anesthetic injection before. Good job, Isaac! :D

Benita Abril

Trinidad Philipps said...

It's nice that Isaac didn't have a hard time with his visit to the dental office. It's actually cute that he brought his stuffed animal with him. It is very important for dental hygienist to get along with kids. It is unavoidable for kids to have their dentist jitters every time they visit the dentist. Having a room conducive for kids will ease their jitters and make them feel comfortable. :D

Landon Heath said...

Isaac definitely had a great time in the dentist’s office! I think we, as parents, are responsible in helping our children think that going to the dentist is not something to be afraid of. Benita has a great point here; the trust you gave to Isaac gave him the confidence he needed to go through the procedure. Kudos to you, Susan!