Wednesday, May 02, 2012

It's Swine!

(That's a play on "It's time!")

Four days from now I will hopefully be fast asleep in my hotel room in Cincinnati. No, actually, I'll be slumbering in Kentucky. Did you know that the Cincinnati airport is actually in Kentucky?

So let's review my training, shall we? Let's go week by week and scrutinize my progress, run by run. How about it? NO. Let's go with the short version.

After taking 103 days off last summer, I got back to it on August 12th with a 2-mile walk. I built up my base until I felt I was ready to launch into a full-blown, yet modified, Hanson-inspired plan. That didn't last long because it proved to be too rigorous after such a lengthy break. So I regrouped and a few weeks later decided to again "Go Galloway." Fast forward twenty five weeks and here I am! (On a side note, I am 17 pounds lighter.)

My training, always a run-walk, was by no means perfect. I seemed to have struggled quite a bit. It's always something! I am NOT very speedy. My goal with "going Galloway" was to try to find a plan that let me accomplish many things in my life AND run, while maintaining my sanity. In other words, running has not consumed by entire being for the past 25 weeks. Thus, no major gains in speed.

Being as though the Flying Pig Marathon will be my seventh, I know what to expect. Looking into my crystal ball, I expect it to be only slightly better than my 2010 Chicago Marathon. It's gonna be a hot one! I am going to do my best; I am going to use the 30:30 method. I expect to struggle with the heat... I have adjusted my expectations. That said, I am going to give it all I have. Barring injury or illness, I am going to get that medal!

I am running for my sweet Isaac. I just want him to be proud of me. That's all I want, ever.

I can't wait to compose a race report. Wish me luck!


David Haas said...

I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

PLANET3RRY said...

Make the pig Squeal!