Thursday, June 07, 2012

Ready, Set, Go!

Lo and behold, it's time for marathon #8! This is definitely going to be a new experience, for several reasons.

First and foremost, we are all going, and it will be Isaac's first time on an airplane. My gut tells me that he is going to do fine, although I am sure he will be a bit restless. Since we practically live at the Memphis airport (because Chasen travels so much for work - in fact, he is in Virginia today) Isaac is well versed in the whole experience even though he has never done it. He can even give turn-by-turn directions to the airport! We have a total of four flights, so here's hoping they all go as smoothly as possible.

Second, my "maintenance training" since the Flying Pig Marathon has been sporadic at best. In the 32 days since then, I have only logged 8 runs. I should have done close to twice that many. Like a broken record, I'll say that with a husband who is rarely home and no summertime Mother's Day Out just yet, there was little time for running. Hey - it is what it is. I can't be Superwoman all the time.

Third, we are really going to make a big vacation out of it. For the first time since Isaac was born, we are going to spend more than two nights away from home! We will be gone Friday-Friday. We are all so very excited! Here is the back story.

My high school friend, Denise, has settled in Idaho with her husband, Tim. I knew that at some point I just HAD to get out there and see that beautiful part of my country. And as someone who wants to run a marathon in all fifty states, I was not going all the way out to Idaho and not run a marathon. So we timed our visit around the St. Joe River Marathon. College professors, Denise and Tim always have someplace fantastic to go, so we decided to stay with them only two nights. After I run the marathon (and Denise runs her first 5k!) we are going to head into Montana (where I will NOT be running a marathon - not this time, anyway) and visit Glacier National Park. YES!!! I. Am. So. Excited! We will spend the remainder of the week there just relaxing and taking it all in. Sounds heavenly, right?

There ya have it. I'm leaving tomorrow to run a marathon I feel unprepared for, but it's alright because I'll cover the distance somehow. Before and after I am diving head first into an awesome vacation. Wish me luck!