Friday, January 11, 2013

Mud Day 2013

It has rained almost non-stop for the past few days, and it has been unseasonably warm. Today was forecasted to be the only day for a while with actual sunshine! I told Isaac that he could "play in the mud" today. That is something I have never, officially, encouraged before. He plays in the DIRT all the time. But mud is a different story.

Since most things are more fun with a friend, I invited one of his besties, Christian, over to join him. That had a ball!

 Sweet Christian posing for me!

 The "scene of the crime," the dirt beds just in front of the garage.

 Uh oh - tractor down! 

 Two dirty boys who had the best day ever = lots of clean up for me.

That's right - Isaac is submerged in mud.

While "Mud Day 2013" was happening, I sat in a camp chair and enjoyed watching them. I added water to their mud areas and provided a bit of assistance here and there. Once it ended -- aye aye aye! -- MY work really began. First I had to spray off all of the toys, as I didn't want Christian taking home filthy trucks and tractors. That took quite a while. Next I had to strip down those dirty hooligans, very carefully, and even more carefully transport them to the bathtub. Once they were bathed and dry, I made their lunch. Probably their best post-mud fun came next: watching me bathe our dog who joined right in their fun. "All" that was left was to hose down their mud-caked clothes and shoes and let them begin to dry in the sun. 

My driveway is covered with mud, but it's supposed to start raining even tonight. Gah! At least it'll all be washed away. The boys had a blast, and that's what matters. I got wet and dirty, and ended up taking a long nap once I got Isaac down after Christian departed. Isaac has already asked to do this again. My answer: NO!!! But at least we have the photos and memories. :)


Anonymous said...

Of course you should do this again - it always washes away eventually but Isaac and his buddies will not forget that you let them have fun like this! Good mom!

Becky said...

I should get past my messy if we could just get some rain!

Perchahiyaan said...

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Silvatein said...

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