Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Isaac's Fifth Birthday

Well, folks, we've hit another milestone. My sweet, little Isaac is now a big five-year-old. I won't say the usual "Where has the time gone?" Truly, it seems like five years. Five glorious years, that is, of being a stay-at-home mom who has not missed one moment. Thank you, sweet hubby! 

We settled on a minion theme this year, as in the minions from Despicable Me I & II. Isaac LOVES those movies, as do most small kids. Heck, I love them, too! And, minions are the bomb diggity. So, as a non-Pinterest person, I immediately started googling "minion party ideas." I knew what had to be done.

 Minion cupcakes! Yes, with Twinkies. Easy peasy.

My big boy helped me make those cupcakes. His official duty was to press the eyeballs onto a dab of black frosting. He loves to be a helper.

He woke on his birthday (2/15) and I presented he and Chasen with matching Spider-Man ties. A fellow stay-at-home mom in Georgia makes them (affordably!) and takes custom requests. 

 Look at those two. Am I lucky or what?

We headed to our church about two hours ahead of the party to set up. I had been working for over a week on all of the decor. Phew - a "home grown" party is a lot of work. 

 There's my tippy-toed fella standing underneath a minion welcome sign.

 Food table. Yep, I painted that sign.

 I love the minion lemonade dispenser.

 The goody bags look like the evil minions. Notice the innocent looking popcorn.

 Two long tables were plenty to seat the minions... err, little boys.

 Chasen worked many nights painting all of these "minion bowling pins."

 Family selfie, aka the calm before the storm.

The next thing I knew, we had thirteen little boys running around! Literally, they did almost nothing but run around. It made me wonder why I put so much time into decorations and games. But, Isaac had a great time, and that's what counts. 

 Pin the goggles on the minions got a lot of laughs.

 Those guys loved the sparkle candle!

 Here's most of the crew. This was before they ground popcorn into the carpet. Ugh!

These boys' lives were enriched on this day, as most of them experienced Twinkies for the first time! If you ask any of them, though, I bet they'd say their favorite parts were the minion cupcakes and running around playing tag. Ah, little boys, gotta love 'em.  

This is most of Isaac's loot.

We're so fortunate to have so many sweet pals for Isaac, most of whom attend our church. I know they're about to become a bit "scattered about" with everyone attending different kindergartens in the fall (yes, this fall!) but I hope some of these little guys will be his lifelong friends. And I look forward to many more birthday parties!

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