Sunday, August 03, 2014

How I Do It

People ask me all the time how I handle Chasen being gone for so long on his trips to China. At this point, I'm an old pro! He started going 2-4 times per year when Isaac was 20 months old, so I have plenty of experience. Here's what I do.

Before he leaves, a few things must be addressed.
  1. The exterior lights on our house must all be working. Safety first!
  2. The yard must be in tip top shape. It must look well cared for and occupied!
  3. Any minor household repairs must be completed (slow draining showers or finicky toilets, etc.).
Once he is gone, the work on the inside of the house begins.
  1. I thoroughly clean the house, and I try hard to keep it that way. It makes life easier. 
  2. I do all of his laundry, so that his closet is clean as a whistle. I'm a recovering neat freak, you know.
Our lifestyle changes a bit when we are alone, mostly for ease and safety.
  1. I cook a big meal every three days or so. Leftovers are key!
  2. We spend a lot of time outdoors, weather permitting, and then we bump up bath time to before dinner (of leftovers!) to make for an easier evening.
  3. I try to not overload myself with extracurricular activities. The simple life is best.
  4. We almost never go out after dark. If my car is going to break down somewhere, I'd rather it be during the light of day.
  5. To that end, we almost never leave town while Chasen is gone.
  6. I take advantage of my big, empty bed (in which I sleep like an "X," according to Chasen) and go to bed as early as possible.
That's really it. It's easy peasy. Even so, concerned people always come up to me (especially at church) and ask how we are "holding up." It makes me laugh. We've definitely been around the block. We've only had trouble twice, and each time someone from our church has quickly come to our rescue, as well as my neighbor (who is better than 911). There ya have it!  


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Cause you are awesome, that is why. =) -Heather W.

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