Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fit Camp, Night #1

A local gym has a twice-per-year program called Fit Camp. It meets twice per week for five weeks. Even though I will have to miss three sessions due to travel, I thought it would really be worth it to get some one-on-one fitness training. I had to go in a week ago and get measured, weighed, etc.

I showed up 15 minutes late due to a horrible wreck on the interstate. I didn't know what to expect of Fit Camp. I got there and about 14 people were sitting in a semi-circle being "schooled" about proper nutrition from a very massive, friendly body-builder type guy. A female trainer was also at the wheel. They split us into two groups to assess our physical fitness.

My group went to the strength training area. We headed to the pull-up machine, the kind where you stand on a platform while holding some grips above your head. You're supposed to then dangle your feet and try to raise your legs until your upper legs are parallel with the ground. OH NO!!!! This concept seemed tough. However it happened, I was supposed to go first. Great, I thought, these six women and one man (participants) are about to see me be a weakling. WELL - I got started and the next thing you knew I was at 30. That's when I started to "feel" it. By 35 I was hurting. The bulked-up instructor instructor urged me to try for 40. I did! I did 40 pull-ups! What's more, no one, including the male participant, did more than 20-25. I was the star! I was very, very surprised that I could do so many. The instructor called it "outstanding." Yay!

Next to the leg press machine. This time I went last. I do this machine at my gym all the time with more weight than the guy assigned me (and the rest of the ladies). My legs were burning almost immediately, though. I could only do 20. Oh well!

Next we went upstairs to the cardio area, where we started. We had to do push-ups. I forget my number. Then we had to partner up and do sit-ups. Not crunches, sit-ups. Crunches, I can a-plenty... but the sit-ups are so much harder. I did only 11 in 60 seconds. Again, oh well.

Outside we had to run a distance. I finished second. I didn't want to appear to be trying too hard. Ha! I had a feeling the girl in front of me was counting on "winning." Oh well - I am secure with my running ability. After that we did 7-8 minutes worth of various squats.

I think I will be sore tomorrow or the next day!


Katie said...

I cannot believe the pull ups - I am so jealous!

sandra said...

I can't believe the pull ups either. Wow! My arms are so weak, I'm jealous too.

But I was also thinking about what I humbly learned in a yoga class I was once in. This one little 5 foot nothin beginner who weighed at least 200 pounds did an absolute perfect downward facing dog...her heels flat on the floor, her legs straight and everything. It really made me appreciate that every BODY has it
perfections and challenges.

It seems like this played out in the various ways different folks excelled in the different "events" at Fit Camp.

Congratulations on your journey. You are really going for it!