Thursday, September 28, 2006

Run #24 - Soreness Go Away!

This morning I decided that I just had to run a little before the WWH. I was antsy about my hip flexor soreness and thought the best thing was to "work it out" a little. I set out to do a short, slow run. I felt SO alive the second I started to run -- it was a great feeling. This week has been very busy for me, socially, and the run really gave me a little bit of "me" back. Being super busy often leaves me feeling like I belong to the world, and not vice versa. That said, the run was great. I did a loop around my neighborhood, which I haven't done in ages. My time was 11:34. I'm happy to report that the "dreaded hill" was a breeze today.

I walked home feeling great. Now that I'm settled in front of my computer, I definitely have even more soreness than before. I think it's OK; I will not run again before the WWH (Sunday, October 1st). All will be well.

On the way to work I checked out a 13.1 mile out-and-back course. I think I've found a winner! It's not super hilly, although it's certainly not flat. It's mostly shaded and not frequently driven. I will upload it to the WWH site. They've asked for course submissions, just so the participants in the 22 countries can see where everyone in the world is running.

My nervousness for the WWH has set in. While my husband assures me that it will go wonderfully, I can't help but feel nervous! I know I have followed the training schedule to the letter... but I do have butterflies! Help!

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PLANET3RRY said...

I'm ging to get you the marathon training schedule AFTER the WWHalf. I don't want to add to any of the race nervousness and have you thinking past the half marathon. You will do just fine... you have been doing great so far. Like the stock market, it's hard to predict any given day based on just a few days of training (or soreness).