Monday, October 16, 2006

Injury Prevention Seminar

Tonight I attended a Little Rock Marathon Injury Prevention lecture. I needed to be there as much as the next insane runner since I completed my first half-marathon injured and started training for my first marathon injured (but was sidelined by that injury). I've said it before and I'll say it again: proper training is key. My biggest victory with the WWH was not finishing it; it was getting to the starting line injury-free.

The talk lasted slightly more than an hour. A local doctor prepared for us 10 rules. He went over each one in depth. He is the official medical director of the LR Marathon, as well as a runner. He said he sticks to ultra running and multi-day canoeing, etc. because marathoning is too hard on his body. Am I insane?

The Ten Laws of Injury Prevention

1. Increase Mileage Gradually
2. Increase Intensity Gradually
3. Increase Mileage Before Speed
4. Alternate Hard Efforts With Rest
5. Pay Attention To Early Warning Signs
6. Wear The Right Running Shoes
7. Mix It Up
8. Increase Your Flexibility And Strength
9. Vary Your Workouts And Terrain
10. Fuel Properly

Nothing that was said came as a shock to me, but it was a wonderful refresher course. It reaffirmed a lot of things that I am already doing, which made me feel pretty good. One week until training begins!


sandra said...

What is ultra-running?

PLANET3RRY said...

ultra-running = any distance longer than a marathon. Most common distances are the 50k (31.2 miles) and the 50 miler... there are some 100mile or 100+ miles races. Can be either roads or trails.

on the Top 10 as I have seen them

1. 10% Rule
2. See #1
3. Increase mileage will make gaining speed a whole lot easier, but you may find a plateau...
4. Or else you will DIE!!!!!!!
5. An injury to the hip can start out as a pain in the foot...
6. And rotate often. Retire Old running shoes.
7. Can't go wrong
8. Will make your runs easier and will help with speed
9. Work ALL your muscles, not just the muscles you use running
10. EVERYDAY! Training Days, Race Days and Rest Days