Sunday, October 22, 2006

Last Day of Rest

Today was my last day without training. It begins tomorrow, bright and early. Actually, it'll be dark and early. It seems like these days the sun does not rise until past 7 AM, and I must be home getting ready for work by then. Thus, training will be in the dark most of the time.

The photo is of my front door. It was the perfect photo to represent my time away from training. The past three weeks have been very busy. In a way they've flown by, but in others ways they have taken forever. Nonetheless, I have tried to spend them tending to needs that got bumped down the priority list towards the end of the last go-round of training. Many home renovation projects got wrapped up over the break, including the installation of two new porch lights (my husband did a GREAT job). Over this weekend we got our porch area ready for fall with the addition of six colorful mums.

Over the break we entertained an out of town guest, spent a weekend away on a houseboat with friends we rarely see, and hosted a cookout/birthday party. Personally, I took two professional licensing exams (all day events each), attended five Fit Camp classes, got a luxurious pedicure (my WWH present-to-self... and it was chipped within 36 hours - go figure) and had some nice meals/dates with my husband. By no means would training have stopped any of these events from happening, but the lack-of-training certainly "freed" my mind and made the world my oyster, as they say.

10/23 begins my 18-week journey to being the best me I've ever been. It will be the biggest fitness challenge I've ever invited into my life. I feel very supported by those around me, so I plan to just do my best and see what happens. My training program, similar to the WWH training program, will require four runs per week. Terry from Knoxville, Tennessee created it specifically for me. He was one of the co-directors for the WWH and was instrumental in creating its training plans. After finding out a bit about me and my running history and goals, he created a customized plan for me to cross the finish line at the 2007 Little Rock Marathon. Thank you, Terry! Check out his blog at

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marathonchris44 said...

Good luck on your training for the Little Rock Marathon!!! I will be watching your blog for your progress. Thanks for your encouraging words on my is therapy to be able to record the experience to review later and remember where we came from! :-)

As Steve would say, Run Long (and taper).