Friday, November 24, 2006

Early Birthday Presents

Well, I am one lucky girl. My FABULOUS husband insisted that I open three (count 'em, three) presents early.

OH MY GOODNESS! You won't believe the first one: a red (my favorite) iPod Nano 4 GB 1000 songs PC + Mac Special Edition! AND... on the back it was engraved. Yep! It says: For Susan who always runs through my heart.

Give that man a raise!!!!!!! That is just the best gift EVER. Wowee! And it came in such a small white box that I thought was going to be perfume. In fact, it folded out like origami. And the iPod was covered in its own perfect little plastic container. He already put a ton of songs on it for me. Awww!!!! That is what I call a perfect fit.

Gift number two is (drumroll, please....) an Airplay (2) FM Transmitter for the iPod! Now I can transport my new red iPod into my car! Or on any radio! I can listen to podcasts while driving (how cool is that!?!) and I can bring them into our home and broadcast them onto our stereo system. Cool beans!

Gift number three is (naturally...) a Nike Sport Armband that will hold my new iPod. High class! Now I am in style. It is red and black. I'll be cool like Spiderman!


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Adam said...

Happy Birthday Susan! Keep Burning those candles for us. You are blazing!