Saturday, November 11, 2006

LRM Training Run #10, 8 Miles In The Wind

LRM Miles Trained To Date: 43

This was the latest I've probably ever waited to do a longrun. I didn't leave until 9:30 AM! My loving canine wanted out in the 3 AM range. Fine... but I couldn't get back to sleep. Then the wind began blowing so hard that I was afraid he'd be blown to Tennessee! So I got back up and let him in. I probably slept again at about 5 AM.

I headed out for my big loop 8-mile course with my MP3 player. Within the first mile the darn thing quit! It hasn't been charged in ages, so I'm really not surprised. The wind blew the entire time I was out there. I was thankful for my winter cap, although I quickly got too hot for my gloves.

Today's path included crossing the freeway on an overpass, running past the (tiny, training) airport, thru an industrial district, thru a residential area, past an elementary school, thru a bit of downtown, past the vicinity of another elementary school with joins the middle school and high school, some CRAZY hills, a wrong turn (but I always knew where I was, so it was OK), back thru a different part of downtown, over the same overpass, and then straight home. It was still a loop, just not the one I had intended. Oh well! Eight miles is eight miles. I'm pretty lucky to live in an area with lots of good places to run.

Mile 1: 11:49
Mile 2: 13:04
Mile 3: 13:19
Mile 4: 10:12 (what???)
Mile 5: 13:22
Mile 6: 13:46
Mile 7: 12:37
Mile 8: 13:05
Total: 1:41:17
Average: 12:40 per mile - Coach Terry would be proud!

I have to say again that I did really well on the hills today. I think I am improving!


Katie said...

sounds like you're having some crazy weather over there! congratulations on another successful run.

marathonchris44 said...

Congrats on a great 8 miler!!!

PLANET3RRY said...

What happened at mile 4? You get that wind at your back? Did you notice that miles 2&3 and 5&6 where pretty consistent with each other... that's a sign of good pacing!

Sounds like a very successful 8 miles!