Monday, November 06, 2006

LRM Training Run #7, 3 Rainy Miles

LRM Miles Trained To Date: 28

With less than six hours of sleep under my belt (again...) I immediately wanted to set my alarm for another hour and skip the run. But I thought "NO!!!" and got up after a snooze of about two minutes. My conscience made me do it! Ha. As I walked through my living room I noticed that the patio was wet. Aaaaah, I thought. Rain = no running. But then I had a few more thoughts. 1) I could ride the elliptical. No, that really wouldn't be the same. 2) I could go to the gym and use the dreadmill. Nope! 3) I could catch up on sleep. Nah - runs wake me up for the whole day. 4) What if it's raining on marathon day? I better just get out there. So I did.

It was 55 degrees outside. My laundry is in a horrible state right now, so I ran in compression shorts. It was just warm enough for that. I put on my only hooded garmet, a poly zip jacket, and headed out. I was careful to cover my Garmin (and my head - I did not want to catch a cold). You know what? It wasn't bad. It was barely raining. Now I can go through my day proud of the fact that I "ran through the weather." It was an effortless run - TONS easier that the hills of Petit Jean!

Mile 1: 11:34
Mile 2: 11:52
Mile 3: 11:01
Total Time: 34:32
Average Pace: 11:30 per mile

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marathonchris44 said...

Way to go, running through the weather! Glad you got out there and did it.