Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2007 Blastoff - Week 2 Report

It is freezing cold outside. I'm pretty sure it's freezing cold where all of the participants of 2007 Blastoff are... but they sure had some HOT results this week!

I earned 50 points and lost 3.6 pounds.
Susan K. earned 45 points and maintained her weight.
Katie earned 43 points and lost 3.0 pounds.
Martina earned 43 pounds and was unable to weigh due to traveling for work.

WOW! Check out all of those points we earned! Here's what I have been hearing:

Katie was very diligent with her gym time this week and continued to log her food intake and make the best choices possible. Looks like it worked! (And I believe her running sabbatical may soon be over! Shh!)

Susan K. made the week a "focus week" and tried to reinstate all of her healthy habits (fruits and vegetables are her friends!!!). She continued to adjust to the daily calisthenics of this challenge - and she feels great about it all. In fact, next week she'll probably be at the top of the heap. Go Susan K!!!!

Martina, our traveling gal, earned 43 points and was unable to weigh due to the travel. However, she feels good about it all stating (probably with a smirk, because I know her!) that her clothes do not feel any tighter, so she probably at least maintained her weight. Go girl! I know that after a few days of being forced to eat out my resolve weakens - so you are my hero!

And then there's me... I ran 28 miles this past week and tried to just take in the best "fuel" for my body that I could. I continue to try new calisthenics each day, and I even got the "opportunity" to do some heavy lifting over the weekend (we're getting new carpet installed today, so three bedroom's worth of furniture had to be shuffled around the rest of my home). Also, I tried to begin drinking water earlier in the morning, which resulted in me drinking more throughout the day. Not too shabby!

I feel that the competition is getting tough - and I LOVE it. Stay tuned!


Katie said...

It's getting pretty serious! Excellent write up and great job!

MarathonChris said...

Wow, great job on the poundage loss (with all those miles, how can you not lose?). What a great competition to be in - Everyone wins!