Saturday, February 17, 2007

LRM TR #57, Easy 10-Miler

LRM Miles Trained To Date: 392

Days Until First Marathon: 14

Here I am - The Comeback Kid! I am feeling GREAT today. I returned a while ago from my easy 10-mile run. Before I get to that, though, I'd like to give credit to two people. First, I'd like to thank Steve Runner for producing his latest episode of Phedippidations entitled "Sympathy For Our Spouses." You can find his show at His whole show was about the amount of respect and we support we receive from our spouses in regards to our running. More importantly, his point was the amount of respect and support we need to GIVE TO THEM because it is not always easy to live with a runner. We "eat weird," spend tons of time running, and often require more rest than the average human. These things can take their toll on our loved ones, I believe. So that bring me to the second person that needs to be (constantly!) thanked - my husband. He has supported me from day one on my journey to train for this marathon, the previous half-marathon, the half-marathon before that, and every 5K race in between. He has bought me cool running stuff, publicly bragged about me, given me numerous massages, settled for different restaurant choices (just so I can eat "healthy") and just been an all-around wonderful guy. I love you Chasen!!!

Now on to today's fabulous run. I was determined to do it as early as possible (because that saint I'm married to has agreed to humor me and go see my current project under construction before he has to go do some overtime at work). I woke up at 6 AM to get prepared. After eating, drinking, downloading my podcasts and getting dressed, I was to my "starting line" at about 7 AM. I realized that my out-and-back course was only traffic-filled for the first and last mile. That's pretty good! I was so excited for the run - just 10 miles! A quick 10-miler! Even my husband described it as that last night - his brain has been washed, as my dad used to say!

I finished the first 5 miles in slightly more than one hour, which is super good for me. I pondered whether or not I could achieve a negative split. Well guess what - I DID.

Mile 1: 11:40
Mile 2: 11:57
Mile 3: 12:19
Mile 4: 12:29
Mile 5: 11:55
Mile 6: 11:13
Mile 7: 11:32
Mile 8: 11:48
Mile 9: 11:41
Mile 10: 11:26
Total: 1:58:04 whoo hoo! Under 2 hours! Negative split!
Average: 11:49 per mile (WOW WOW WOW!!!!) 166 beats per minute

When I returned I got my husband to listen to the podcast and we discussed my running. According to him I have done a fine job of not letting my running run our lives and marriage. That was music to my ears! Nonetheless, I will still strive to improve. My new goal is to dedicate each Saturday to him (after my longrun, that is!). I'll get out there and "do my duty," then it's whatever he wants to do. Sounds fair to me! The thing is, he usually wants to know what I want to do. I'll just have to change that!


Katie said...

Good job on the "easy" run!!

Maddy said...

Negative Split! How exciting!

That's awesome!

14 days to go...

Kevin said...

Easy run??? You AND Maddy have me feeling like a thug! I have get back to those 10 milers! You two are inspiration!


MarathonChris said...

Nice run!!!! Less than 2 weeks to the big race :-)