Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sweetheart Slimdown Challenge - Week 3 Report

Has another week passed already? I guess so!

Martina earned 40 points and was unable to weigh due to travel.
I earned 36 points and gained 1.4 pounds.
Susan K. earned 33 points and lost a pound! (yay!)
Katie earned 20 points and gained 1 poind.

As it turns out, I was completely wrong about Martina's location. She has been in Boulder, Colorado! I know that she has enjoyed some beautiful scenery and gotten in some activity because she e-mailed me some gorgeous photos (with her gorgeous self in them!) She'll be back in Boulder next week, then on to Miami and eventually to Milan, Italy. Oh the life of the traveler! Even though she could not weigh at her hotel, she commented that her clothes are all fitting A-OK. She must be "traveling well," which I think is hard to do. Go girl!

I had a decent week, even though I skipped my run yesterday due to, unfortunately, Sunday-night-insomnia. I went so far as to leave work yesterday with running gear on - I was determined to go to the gym and make up the run (very unlike me). But all of the treadmills were occupied with walkers (the nerve of those people! Ha! Just kidding...) so I did my calisthenics and left angry. I should have known better than to try and make up ANY missed run! Other than that colorful commentary, I am in marathon taper mode (i.e. going insane!) and educating myself on exactly what all I should aim to consume over the next 11 pre-marathon days. Aargh!

Susan K. was able to weigh and showed a loss! I'm very happy for my friend. She had been struggling and going through many things, so this progress makes me grin for ear to ear! She makes me proud (and envious) because she is setting such a good, healthy example for her daughters. Now if she'd only send me some more of her fabulous recipes.... hint hint...

Katie - oh my! Poor Katie has been in the dental chair even more since the last post. She went from root canal to crown to wisdom tooth extraction. She has been unable (by doctor's orders) to do much of anything. This is astounding since she has one of the prettiest smiles you'll ever see! Oh well - we all know that beauty requires maintenance. Nonetheless, my partner in crime is looking forward to being able to get back to her routine and begin training for her upcoming 5-mile race and then our Soldier Field 10-mile race on May 26th. Run Katie run!

Stay tuned - we're going into our final week of this challenge! The next challenge will be a whole new ballgame for me, since I'll be on a break from running for a huge part of it. I'll have to refamiliarize myself with other forms of exercise!

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Katie said...

Thanks for the great write up and the complements. I am ready to hop back on that treadmill and get moving!!!