Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Peaceful Sunday

Today was a peaceful day. And to think that only a week ago I was running a marathon! By the time I woke up today, I would have been at mile 9 of the marathon last week.

In lieu of the running clinic, I went to run at the local high school track. My running pal was unable to go to the clinic today, and gabbing with her is my only reason for going! So I went to run alone. I listened to the Burning Twenty podcast. I did two easy miles around the track at an average pace of 11:29 per mile and an average heartbeat of 165 bpm. That pleased me because I can remember when such a short distance done "easily" was at a 12:30 pace or so. :)

After the pleasant run I went to get groceries and made a quick trip to Home Depot to purchase a much-needed closet organization kit. When I got home I spent some time in the backyard (see photo above). The weather was just PERFECT. After that I began assembling the closet kit. Soon thereafter my husband came home and we finished up the closet together. Teamwork is fastwork!

This week I aim to run maybe twice before the weekend... but we shall see. I think I am learning to embrace the act of "taking it easy" at last!


Dawn said...

I am so glad you were able to enjoy some peaceful time! You seem to stay so busy and active all the time! I know I always enjoyed walking when you were there for me to visit with - even though you walk A LOT faster than I do!!!

Charles said...

Ah, Yard work!

In addition to my 3 1/2 miles on Saturday, then 6 1/2 miles on Sunday; I assisted in removal & replacement of a back axle on a Jeep Wrangler (the most modifiable vehicle on the planet)!
While waiting for my mod partner to determine the next step in this heavy, dirty (old grease under the fingernails) vehicular task, I trimmed most of the bushes in my front yard. So, large bundles of delicately dissected fauna; along with kneeling, bending over, heavy carrying associated with the Jeep task made for a physically exertive weekend. Am I ever glad I had to go to work today!

Maddy said...

I hope your recovery is going well!

Is wonderful to relax - If you can do it without worrying about not running... ;-)