Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SF10 TR #2, Intervals At Last

SF10 Miles Trained To Date: 10.25

Well what a day! I slipped out of work about 15 minutes early (shh!) so I could get to a local track to do my first SF10 interval session. That track was filled with sports patrons, so I had to head to the local track by my house (at the high school). I had forgotten my water bottle at work - rats! So I remedied that situation at a gas station. Once I got there I realized that the Women Can Run clinic of my town was just ending there (they meet there too early for me to join them, plus my friend Kim goes to the other clinic that I have frequented). To my surprise, my friend Brandie was there! It was nice to see her. I had no idea she was getting into running.

I took the the track and was soon running all alone. I was to do a 1.5 mile warmup at an easy pace (mine was 11:35 and it was effortless - yay!). The I did the following:

1/4 mile at 10:06 - 10:20
1/4 mile recovery
3/8 mile at pace
3/8 mile recovery
1/2 mile at pace
1/2 mile recovery
3/8 mile at pace
3/8 mile recovery
1/4 mile pace
1/2 mile recovery / cooldown.

My schedule called for 5.25 miles, so that is why I did the 1/2 mile cooldown at the end. I was pleased with my ability to keep the 10:06 - 10:20 pace. I just worked my way through all of those intervals knowing that the end was near. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.

The story does not end here. I drove home quickly because I wanted to watch a certain TV show. My husband was working late, so I knew I'd have some time and I had an agenda of stuff to get done! I opened the garage, got the mail, walked back up to the door in from the garage and immediately realized that WE HAD BEEN ROBBED. I am serious. Very serious. I quickly backed out of the house and began running for my neighbor's house. I called 911 on the way. As I was on their stoop I called Chasen. He burned rubber home. The police arrived in 12 minutes and had to call in a detective because, as they said, "they were here a while and they knew what they were doing." I just shuddered to think of what our house might look like.

First and foremost, I was 100% thankful that both Chasen and I were OK. I was, however, imagining a scene of complete loss and vandalism. We couldn't go in for quite some time, but when we finally did - long story short - it was not that bad. They broke one of the sidelites in our patio French doors. They took our TV, laptop, jewelery (thank God we were wearing our wedding bands), heirloom jewelery, some new and antique guns, and some miscellaneous treasures. They exited through our back door (which was wide open as I entered - that was my first clue). They left plenty of fingerprints; we had a real CSI scene around here as they did their duty.

They did not mess with my china cabinet or our wedding photos. They didn't vandalize anything. Those things would have really torn me up. But you know what? We have survived this and I am proud of us. We are cleaning up and moving forward.

And FYI I had my Garmin, iPod and digital camera with me. A girl's gotta have priorities! Now that it's all said and done, I am very glad I went straight to the track. We're sure this happened during the workday... so if I had come straight home I would have never made my run - and THAT would have ruined my day. At least now I have one good memory from today!


Dawn said...

Oh Dear! I know how that feels! It's awful to think of someone else going through your personal things! I am so sorry! We had our house broken in to about 7 years ago. I am glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been and that you and Chasen are safe!!

Susan K. said...

Oh Susan!
I am so sorry to hear about the robbery!! What a horrible feeling that has got to be. Yes, I'm glad too that both you & Chasen are ok. Things can be replaced.

You and your running continue to inspire me...see, and other pals of yours as well. Do you prefer to run by yourself mostly? I ran 11 minutes of my 27 minutes on the treadmill yesterday! It is a start.

MarathonChris said...

Susan - I am so sorry to hear about the robbery. It is an awful feeling to be violated that way, but I am glad to hear that you and Chasen are ok. You have an incredible attitude about it all. Hopefully the fingerprints they were able to get will help them catch these guys soon. I am glad you got a fantastic run in as well!!! Way to go :-)

Katie said...

I can't believe it! I am so glad to hear that you are both ok. I hope you are handling the stress well.

Maddy said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear that happened.

That really sucks.

I glad you weren't harmed.


PLANET3RRY said...

Oh my! That's terrible! About the Robbery, the whole interval session looked awesome!

I sure hope that they catch those guys... but question... when they said they knew what they were doing? Did they know where to go, because leaving all kinds of fingerprints is really amateurish... just thought.

I bet your heartrate was HIGHER during the discovery than during the workout!

ShirleyPerly said...

OMIGOD, That's just terrible!!! I'm glad you guys are OK though. Stuff can be replaced but not people. Hope they catch the guys soon!