Saturday, March 24, 2007

SF10 TR #4, Lesson Learned

SF10 Miles Trained To Date: 20.25


This morning I decided to postpone my long run in favor of spending time with my husband. We went car shopping (car looking, actually) as my VW is approaching 168,000 miles and beginning to rattle more than a snake. I adore the car, but I am thinking ahead! So after finding two more vehicles to add to my list of possibilities, we had a late lunch. We got home and he went to help two friends transport some lawn furniture. I was going to run 12 miles near dusk so as to beat the heat. My plan was to run to the high school track, run as many laps as necessary, and then run home. I knew it would be monotonous, but I figured it would be a safe bet in terms of avoiding traffic and dogs.

I started out strong. I got to the track, which I found to be 3 miles from my house. I ran one lap and decided it was just too darn hot. So I ran/walked home. Six miles only. I am hoping to swap this out with Monday's easy run and do the 12 miles tomorrow morning in the AM. That is what I should have done today, at least for the same of my running! Oh well - lessons learned: run in the AM when it is not so hot!

Mile 1: 11:05 (zippy!)
Mile 2: 11:31 (still pretty zippy)
Mile 3: 12:21 (nearing the hilly high school area, feeling fatigued)
Mile 4: 13:22 (spent)
Mile 5: 13:27 (spent)
Mile 6: 12:08 (trying to hustle home)
Total: 1:13:57
Average: 12:19 per mile, 171 beats per minute


Katie said...

I'll be thinking of you doing your 12 miles tomorrow during my "shuffle" -- good luck, you can do it!

Dawn said...

car looking, huh?? Sounds fun! I hope you had a good day!

Maddy said...

Are you keeping the VW Family? I am so in love with the Eos...

Some run is better than no run at all...