Sunday, March 04, 2007

Unofficial Marathon Report

Well I am home and showered! My unofficial (i.e. Garmin) time was 5:38:38 - wowee! It was GREAT. I truly enjoyed it. Alas, I have to go to a meeting now (go figure) so I will post the whole experience later this evening. THANK YOU for the positive thoughts!!!


Katie said...

I figured one would need rest after 26.2 miles, but I forgot who I was dealing with!

Anonymous said...

You Rocked!!! We are so proud of you and were so glad we could be there to cheer you on!
Dawn, Britt, and Elijah

MarathonChris said...

Congratulations you marathoner you!!! Looking forward to the race report!

Kevin said...

Congrats Susan! SO proud of you!!