Saturday, April 07, 2007

SF10 TR #9, Alarm-ing Results

SF10 Miles Trained To Date: 55.75

Happy Easter Weekend! Today's 12-mile run presented yet another scheduling obstacle. My husband went on a float trip with two pals from Louisiana, our new home alarm system was to be installed today, I need to make a visit to my favorite jewelry store for a receipt for the robbery insurance claim, AND I am hoping to purchase a new car today! So, it was critical that I do my run as early as possible. The alarm guy was to arrive at our nearest exit (it's kind of a maze to get to our house) at about 8:30 - 9:00 AM. Well, I got up at 5 AM with no problems. Why I haven't been able to do that during the work week is now a mystery to me. Oh well. I ate breakfast, got double-suited up (it was 31 degrees), downloaded the latest podcasts to my iPod, and hit the road - all before 6 AM.

I chose a path that would begin and end pretty close to where I was to meet him, just in case he was ahead of schedule (some people actually do that). I ran over to the other side of the interstate and down past our tiny airport through an industrial district. I was listening to The Dump Runners Club podcast. It's one of my favorites! The next thing I knew, the sun was rising. How pretty! That gives me hope to resume my early-morning routine. Next I listened to the SUPER podcast by my cool friend Marathon Chris. It's called Running Adventures and it was superb. The misuc was great, the dialog between her and her daughter was cool, and her overall attitude was just so good to hear as I was pounding the pavement. I'm proud of her and her new show!

After the industrial district I went down a not-so-busy (yet) road that led me to the new, snazzy Benton Parkway, where there is a bicycle lane! No cyclists were out, needless to say. It was mine all mine for the 1.75 miles to the turnaround point. So I inhabited it all to myself for 3.5 miles! I ran fairly slow for the first half of the run. I was truly enjoying it and the podcasts. I sped up for the second half. Somehow it was easier... and I did not want to miss the alarm guy! I envisioned him having to follow me home as I ran the last mile! But it did not come to that. I made it home at 8:39 AM and had time to spare. I even had time to eat before I had to go direct him in. He is working right now. Robbers beware!

Mile 1: 12:36
Mile 2: 12:45
Mile 3: 12:46
Mile 4: 12:41 (slow and consistent!)
Mile 5: 11:57
Mile 6: 11:40
Total for first half: 1:14:28 (I bet you know why I made it a point to list that...)
Mile 7: 11:26
Mile 8: 11:26 (wow - two in a row!)
Mile 9: 11:50
Mile 10: 11:49 (practically two in a row!)
Mile 11: 12:07 (walking some, anxious about getting the phonecall from the alarm guy)
Mile 12: 11:38
Total for second half: 1:10:20 - NEGATIVE SPLIT!!!
Grand total: 2:24:48, 1705 calories burned
Average: 12:04 per mile (just :04 too slow), 166 beats per minute

One important thing to note is that as soon as I "took off" this morning I thought, loudly (if it is possible to think loudly) "I JUST LOVE TO RUN!!!" That made me smile.


Katie said...

Yay for you, good job!

MarathonChris said...

What a great run!!! :-)

Sounds like the old Susan is back - the running machine. I am so happy for your great run.

Welcome back to the road!

Maddy said...


What a great run you had!

I'm beaming for you!

Matt said...

Glad you had a good run! I was doing a 12 miler today as well.

I wasn't listening to DRC, just my own thoughts, which is kind of like the show. :)

ShirleyPerly said...

Way to go on that run!!! I'm so glad to hear it went well.

And thank you for the compliment on my blog. I'm actually looking forward to celebrating 50 and feeling good :-)

petra duguid said...

Hey Susan, good to meet you online too! I've been catching up on your blog - what a time you've had recently! You know - having learned this the hard painful way - it seems impossible to always be motivated and stay up - you can't keep that marathon discipline with you always so don't give yourself a hard time when it slips sometimes.. Having said that it looks like you're right back on track - waking up at 5 to go running 12 is serious stuff! What's next for you race-wise? I'll keep reading!