Sunday, August 12, 2007

RFE TR #15, Bellyaching Half-Marathon

Total Miles Trained For Elijah: 101.10

Well I have done it - I have trained more than a hundred miles already! But what a week I've had... I have been burning the candle at both ends and then some. I ended up skipping my final 6 mile training run of the week. I had planned to do it while away at a seminar Friday and Saturday... but I was just EXHAUSTED. I have felt that way all week. This morning was no exception.

After a mere 6 hours of sleep (I require 8+ hours) I got up at 3:30 AM. I know what you're thinking - crazy pre-dawn running woman! But look at what I am up against:

So at 4:21 AM I got started. I had planned to do an out-and-back loop. My husband, however, had expressed the night before that he wished I wouldn't run that particular course. He'd prefer that I run "out in the middle of nowhere." I rallied for my chosen course because of businesses and streetlights; his argument was big trucks and late-night drunks. I headed out for my original course... but that didn't last long.

I decided to make it a two-loop course, thus going out 3.25 and heading home for 6.5, then repeating it. Not exciting, but a compromise of sorts. Well, before I even got to mile 4, I wanted to quit. Even my eyes were tired. I felt like Dean Karnazes - sleep running! And my belly hurt. Everything hurt.

I began to think about how I would feel if I only did 6.5 miles today. If I pride myself on one thing, it's that I do not mess with my longruns. Cutting it in half would definitely be messing with it! And I thought of this blog and how I'd have to write that I did not meet my goal. And I thought about marathon day and how I want to be my best that day -- thus, I need to do every longrun! And I even thought about Elijah and how he can't just skip chemo whenever he wants. So, somehow, within mile 5 I got a second wind. At the point to turn home around mile 6, I decided to keep on going straight. From there I proceeded to zig zag my way around a 2-mile radius from home. I think I went down every road I know! And I even threw in an extra .1 to make today's run a half-marathon, rightfully called Bellyaching Half-Marathon. I bet Charlie did not bellyache as he ran his second half-marathon yesterday!

My average pace was 12:50. Bleh! But considering that I wanted to quit early on, I'd say it was a smash success.

I have determined the exact cause of the bellyaching: an extremely busy week and poor choices. My week was crazy busy AND I did not eat like a runner on several occasions. And I had to go out of town. As I was running it finally hit me: this training schedule requires me to as A LOT of my body. My previous marathon training schedule can't hold a candle to this one. A lot more sacrifices have to be made. Looking back, I could practically do what I wanted and eat what I wanted last time around. NOT THIS TIME. This much more intense training requires that I be on my game in all aspects. No skimping on sleep and NO skimping on nutrition. Lesson learned! My life should get more "back to normal" in about 9 days... the sleep queen shall return!

I am very sore today. That run really did me in, I think. Those darn hills! Ugh. I am pondering driving somewhere else for my longrun course next weekend. Chasen says he has a "hot and cold running wife." HA!


Anonymous said...

Susan you could always drive out to the River Trail to run with me and a few of my running friends who are training for Chicago with me.


PLANET3RRY said...

embrace the hills

MarathonChris said...

Way to hang in there. This seems to be a busy time for all. Training for a marathon takes a LOT of time!!!

But you made it! Great job on the run. :-)

CewTwo said...

I, umm, did complete my second half-marathon. We all know how a competition can be. You're up just because it is a competition.

Did I set a new PR? Yes, But not by much. Ah well, more training and another competition!

You did complete your run! It is tough sometimes. and you came through! I'm proud of my friend, Susan.

ShirleyPerly said...

Hi Susan, Thanks for your comment on my blog and CONGRATS on breaking the 100 mark on your training! Indeed, lack of sleep and poor nutrition will take its toll on your running. The heat here in FL has been bad too, supposedly broke some records over the weekend.

When it's just too darn hot like it has been, I usually break up my longer runs and run part of it outdoors and part of it indoors. Unfortunately, it's not safe to run alone early mornings when it's still dark where I live so splitting it works better for me. Hang in there!

nylisa said...

Way to stick it out!