Monday, September 10, 2007

Another St. Jude Heroes Surprise

I came home from work to find another soaked package at my front door. It was again from St. Jude's! As you can see, I received a Nike Dri-Fit hat AND a very, very cool backpack (eat your heart out, Coach)!

I skipped my 9-miler this morning. It was raining like crazy, and pretty much has continued to do so all day. I'm not too worried about it; my left hamstring is a bit sore/tight anyway. I'll see how it feels tomorrow morning.

I am a member of a local women's philanthropy group. This Saturday is one of our events, and yours truly is the co-chair. It is called Fit n' Fun, and all elementary school kids in the county are invited. It will take place at a local health club. We will have activity stations for them to earn "points" by completing the athletic endeavors (hula-hooping, jumping rope, etc.), one of which is a health quiz. Once they complete them all, they will be entered into a drawing for many neat door prizes. Also, we are providing them all with healthy, kid-friendly recipes, tip sheets for healthy eating and activities, plus a FREE kid-friendly, yet somewhat health-conscious lunch (turkey dogs, baked chips, fruit snacks, bottled water). Due to my involvement with this, I will have to skip my 15 mile longrun on Saturday.

Have no fear! I have a "date" to run on Sunday with my new friend Annette that I met at the Brickfest 5K in June. She is in her final weeks of training for the Chicago Marathon and needs to do 20 miles that day. She has arranged it for me to show up 5 miles into her run. It should be perfect! I really look forward to it. Plus, I do not have to arrive until about 6:45 AM which will be like a vacation to me. Ha! Thank you, Annette, for the kind offer.


CewTwo said...

6:45 AM - Vacation! Yay!

Wow! You are an acheiver!

Kids are the future after all. America is grossly obese and/or overweight. Programs like your group is sponsoring, expecially with leaders such as yourself as an example, is a really good thing!

PLANET3RRY said...


I'm so jealous right now... that is so cool. Nothing is better than a free bag! And a hat... I would be in HEAVen!

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to our run on Sunday! You will love the River Trail and my running friends.
I think I saw on the weather report that we might have upper 50's lower's 60's temps to start our run on Sunday. That will be like a little slice of heaven!! :)


ShirleyPerly said...

That is so wonderful that you're involved in helping kids grow up healthy. And another package of goodies, how nice!

Enjoy all that extra sleep on Sunday :-)