Wednesday, September 12, 2007

RFE TR #29

Total Miles Trained For Elijah: 216

Finally, the rain has stopped. I have not run since Saturday. And Chasen has been out of town on business, so I have truly been in vacation mode. But today I laced up the 'ole Brooks and got out there. And would you believe that it was only 60 degrees? THANK HEAVENS. It was so nice out there.

I was to do interval training today. Specifically, five 800m yassos with 5 minutes of recovery. When I got out there, I realized that it was hard to keep up with both time AND distance. I guess I have a one-track mind. None the less, I did my best. I am pretty darn sure that I did them all at or below the prescribed time of 5:00. For that, I was proud. And I think I ended up doing more than five.

You know, there's always something. I was running along (in my neighborhood) thinking that I was so thankful to live "in town" where dogs don't just run loose. The next thing I saw, believe it or not, was a loose dog! Aaaaaaaargh! It was a large, gangly puppy of Lab descent (so it was very friendly). I shooed it away. Then it wanted to torment the small dog that a lady was walking, so I had to step in and help. We managed to shoo it away, but it was not easy. I tried to ID it, but it only had its shots tags and not an ID tag.

Always something...


peter said...

I also haven't run since Saturday (business trip) and I'm jealous you got an adventure-filled run in!

CewTwo said...

One-track mind? Pun?

You did OK!

I didn't run yesterday due to a procedure... But I am lacing up the shoes today!

During my run on Sunday, a lady was walking two cute, little pugs! One of them took great offense at me bidding their mom a good morning, but it was just a quick side step and I was on my way. She apologized but it was not necessary...

Keep the good work!

ShirleyPerly said...

Glad the dog was friendly. I've not seen to many loose dogs on my routes, thankfully.

Great job on the interval training!

nylisa said...

Haha, at least it didn't chase!

Sounded like great running weather.

MarathonChris said...

Glad the rain cleared up and the dog was friendly! Always a good recipe for a good run.

Nicole said...

Happy the weather is cooler for you.

I'm glad it was a friendly dog. Pups without ID tags drive me crazy! The other day I had my back door open for my dogs to go in and out to our fenced-in yard, and as I was sitting and eating a strange little dog peered in and thought he'd join me for lunch and play with my dogs. He, of course, didn't have an ID so I couldn't contact anyone. He eventually got bored and left before we could bring him around our neighborhood to look for his parents.

Maddy said...

I'm happy the weather finally cleared for you!

At least the dog was friendly! The other kind aren't much fun!

My dogs have ID tags with address and phone numbers.